Thursday, June 16, 2011

Facebook bores me~

Yea it is~~ (Marshall Erickson style )

Usually, logging in Facebook is something that I look forward everyday. Now not anymore. Most of my friends are MIA. Even I feel like I'm partially MIA too. Nothing interesting on Facebook. The only reason I check in everyday is to find out if there's any recent news in my Tesl 4 group : updates on Kissm or Convo. That's all.

Apart from that, erm...should I say this..erm..........................

I find that Facebook has become a medium to hurt people using words. I used to do that too. Now that I think I'm wiser or at least try to be one, I couldnt bear to read those comments anymore. Especially if it involves people I know. So if I stumble upon those type, I will straight away hide the status. If that kind of status occurs constantly, I'll just hide that person. Hmm....

The other day I found a blog, written by my junior. I was never close to her. I think even in school I only managed to exchange smiles. But something in her blog spoke to me. Her blog is the dakwah kinda style. And I NEVER like those blogs. But maybe God has some way to speak to me, I dont know but I truly enjoy reading her words. And through her words I have decided to be more careful of what I'm posting to Facebook. It's rather dont say anything if you have nothing nice to say kinda thing. So InsyaAllah, I'll try my best.hehe

I know lately my writings appear to be like I'm so pure ala2 gadis lindungan bulan gitu.hehe I've been doing lotsa reading and thinking. Reflecting on my past doings, about people around me, about my future. I'm not saying I've changed but in the process.hehe I want to know more about myself. Find my strengths that I yet to discover.

Hopefully I will get posted fast. My cousin Ziela has got an offer at KPJ Seremban as a radiographer. Now I'm left alone unemployed. When she told me the news, I feel like a loser. Still feelin' it now.hehe She was supposed to report yesterday but due to some mismanagement at the HR department, she'll start her work next Monday. Congrats weh! And my other cousin, Aisya has got an offer to work with AirAsia. Not as stewardess. Something to do with marketing department. You too Sha, Congratulations. Been reading your blog like forever. After what you've been through, I'm so proud of you. =)

I'm strayed from the topic. Anyhoo, have a great day everyone =)

Till then.


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