Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Me =)

*** another scheduled post****

Today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!! *scream my lungs out -  the other day I watched House and the patient vomited parts of his lungs out...scary**

Ok back to the marks the day I'm turning 24. The age I feel so much as a grown ups. hehe When you read this, I'm already in Penang, my brother's house. Tonight I'm going to Sik, Kedah - my mom's hometown. Then tomorrow we are going to Langkawiiiiiiiiii!!! Excited much? Tee hee hee...the last time we went to Langkawi was in 2004 eh 2005? It was in the year tsunami hit that island. we came back a day earlier before the big wave struck. Alhamdulillah.

I've received 2 birthday presents in advance *not that I expect to receive any gift*. One was from my dearest cousin, Anis. Itupun lepas bodek2.haha I wanted a book as a gift, and I got it! And to Anis, thank you so much. I love this book. I've read it almost 5 times already. The reason: because it's based on true story. Setting in Shanghai in early 1900s, I love how the book told me stories about love, secret, revenge. It also portrays the story of a concubine, coming from outside Shanghai who rose to be one of the leader in Chinese Mafia. Ceh dah macam sinopsis dah. Tapi ko yang soh aku cerita in details kan???hehehe Again, thank you soooooo much. I LOVE BOOKSSSS~!Eh salah, I love you.hehe

This is the reason why I chose this book. I love bio-novel!!!

Another one was given by none other but my sweety cupcakes with cream cheese frosting with strawberry dip in chocolate on top.haha 

This is one the thing that I didnt expect from him to give. Thank you so much dear. I know you are so tight with money right now but still you got this for me. Thank you thank you thank you. I cant wait to see you at the end of this month. hehe Next year we celebrate together2 ok.

It has a feline motive there. He knows that I'm not a girlie type. The cat is cute!

Fit perfectly. But a bit loose. It makes my fingers look longer, no?? =)

Surat cinta. It's been a while since we give each other real cards.haha Motif corak kat tepi kertas????

This came with the box. Not a lizard. But a crocodile. Thank you B!

Did you know that every year, the whole country will celebrate my birthday????hehehehe When I was young, when abah still worked in Brunei, my eldest brother Umar bragged that Brunei government always made a big fuss on his birthday. Every year, his birthday will be a public holiday in Brunei because it falls on Brunei Army day...something like that. And you know what. I believed him. 

But when we moved back here, the Malaysian Government will celebrate it for me as I shared the same birthday with Agong.hahahaha

p/s I want to ride banana boat again but of course, Mom isnt keen with the idea =.='


Alex said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Shanana Boat!!!
*ditarik masuk wad hospital psychiatric*

SWORD said...

my pleasure..=)

Anonymous said...

bday aku orang sabah cuti pasal hari kaamatan jugak

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