Monday, June 13, 2011

Langkawi Day 1 Part 1

Howdy peeps?? hehe my house is super clean today. Managed to finish the chores. Supposedly could be done yesterday but I got hooked with Angry Birds thus the delay. Anyhoo, today I wanna chit chat about our family trip to Langkawi. The members were Mom, Adik, Amir, Kak Shida, Ikha and me. We stayed there for 3 days 2  nights starting 5th June till 7th. 

We left mom's kampung at 8am in the morning heading to Kuala Perlis Jetty point. The reason why Kuala Perlis instead of Kedah Jetty was the boat trip is shorter and less crowd there compared to Kedah. We arrived at about 10am, managed to catch the 10.30 boat trip. Parking is not a problem there. We were assisted by Majlis Bandaraya guy to park our car. He knocked on our window. At first we thought he was a police.haha He escorted our car to the jetty on his bike, we got down with our bags then he showed the way to the parking lot. Amir was driving by the way. We waited for Amir. Later, he was sent by the Majlis Bandaraya guy. Phew. Lucky for us that we didnt have to wait long for our boat/ferry. Note: Make sure that you are escorted by the right guy. Majlis bandaraya guys put on green  jacket with wordings. Jangan tertipu dengan ulat.ehe I forgot how much we were charged. But not more than RM30 kot for 3D2N.

We were rushing. I forgot to take the picture of the jetty. Nothing much. The jetty looked old compared to the one in Kedah. It was crowded but bearable.

That's our boat!

Queued up to get in.

We got the last row since we arrived there late. We had no windows so had to peek from the window in front of us. We sat near the engine too so we had to shout to talk to each other.

This girl is just camera-friendly. Shoot your camera to her face, she smiles instantly. Tak payah bersusah payah nak agah2.

We arrived in Langkawi Island around 11.45am. Earlier than we estimated.hehe Now, the Langkawi Jetty.

It was Sunday. Crowds were expected. 

One of the chocolate stores. People went crazy at chocolate and perfume stores. I looked for Diesel perfume. RM180 for 50ml. Cheap or not? Not sure coz have never bought one. I pakai Silky Girl jahhhh~

Arrival door. Packed!

Outside the jetty. Waiting for our car.

Tadaaaa! Nissan Sentra for RM120 per day. We searched for comfortable car since we had a baby on board.

Inside the car. You know what, Nissan had this terrible sound when you want to reverse your car. Really really annoying till mom said she'd never buy a Nissan.

We had our lunch at KFC at the jetty. Amir got coupons from his bowling tournament and we were starving. By the way, there isnt much choice for eating places at the jetty. Only 1 mamak restaurant which served terrible food and expensive too (we ate there before departed back), KFC, Kenny Rogers, Baskin Robbins and Apple Donut. The food court was quite far.


Free Langkawi pamphlet

These people were queuing to buy ticket to Kuala Perlis/ Kuala Kedah. 

On the way to our chalet at Pantai Cenang, we stopped by here. It was at the road side. Mom shopped for the famous Minyak Gamat.

Minyak Gamat



This was where we stayed for a night. It's called Malibest Resort. We got the room across the road since the rooms along the beach was fully booked. Boo hoo... 

This was a family room. It's spacious. Enough for Ikha to run wild.hehe We added additional mattress for RM50 for Ikha.

Budak boroi!

I really really really really really really really love this picture =))

Let's stop now. I will update about places that we went to in Langkawi in next posts. Till then =))


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