Monday, June 27, 2011

Misi penting!

Today I'll be flying to Kuching again to attend my induction course at my teacher trainee college. Woot woot! Am super excited, mainly for these reasons:

1. I will meet my long time no see best friend from school. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The last time I saw Aya was on the last day of SPM which is 6 1/2 years ago. I only got to see her in pictures. Not only meeting her, I'll be staying with her tooooo. She made me.haha Ok diam.

Aya, in yellow shirt.

2. I hope to pass my kissm exam so that I can get into permanent position as government servant a.s.a.p then I can get a raise in salary and if God's will, further my study. That's why this course is super important. Plus, we are among the blessed one since we got to attend this course way before starting job which some people have to wait years in line to attend. Alhamdulillah~

3. I get to meet my boyfriend. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaa. He will be flying down from Bintulu on Thursday, so after the exam, I get to see him.hehe It's been 2 months since we saw each other. Takdela lama mana pon.hehe If I dont see him this week, we'll not know when to meet again. He might not come to my convocation due to work commitment. Takpela...takde rezeki.

B, in yellow shirt too..haha

4. I will get to go around Kuching, visiting B's aunties and uncles too. I've met some of them long before and cant wait to see them. Ni bukan tipu bodek2 bakal keluarga mertua eh. Truth is, his aunties are all sporting. Friendly.hehe Plus, they also invite me to visit them too. Alang-alang dah pergi sane. =)

Some of the aunties.

p/s Currently I'm waiting for my choc moist cake to be perfectly cook. It's a special request from B to eat cake bake by me. Thank you =). If the cake turns out perfect, I;ll blog about it. If no post regarding the cake, you know the signal. hahaha


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