Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nurul mok merepak tok~

These few days.......

1. I met a guy who shamelessly cut my line for a parking and dig his nose shamelessly too. Too bad, his daughter was in the car looking at me and her father interchangeably (bombastic word alert!..haha)

2. Toured around Masjid Tanah town for 2 days in a row looking for a parking to buy my favourite brand of contact lens (which can only be found at that specific store). The first day, it was a payday day so people went nuts to pay bills and what not and Masjid Tanah was crowded. And today, not only I got a parking, but a parking right in front of the shop door. Too bad, it was closed! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

3. I met another guy at the same place. I was queuing up at the counter. He was right behind me. Too close in fact that he bumped my basket several times. He called somebody. and he was loud too. Eh stakat shopping kat Family store pon nak kecoh ke? Not only that, he was hitting on the girl in front of me. Blerggghh~ Apparently the girl knew him too. After she's done paying, she joined him standing behind me. Dan bermulalah adegan throw up in your face. The guy repeated asking the girl where she's heading after that. merengek2 macam budak nak susu.  Pegi tingkat 1 family store pon nak kecoh kot. After I've done with the bill,  I looked back and saw the guy's face for the 1st time. Tak hensem pon~~~~~

4. I'm halfway into packing my stuffs. Imma bring 2 luggage. Emos tak?? Hahaha I'm bringing more clothes this time as I dont know if i ever get to wash my clothes. So bring more la kan>>

ok udah kmk ngerepak. Bye!

p/s sik paham baca nota kissm. perlu ka?


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