Wednesday, June 22, 2011


  • I woke up early today for sahur. Have to fast for another 2 days. Funny thing, when my phone alarm rang, I shut it off, Satan telling me I can always fast any other day. Few minutes later, I had this urge to pee so I went to the toilet. Then only my right mind told me to fast since I'll be busy next week. Fasting month is approaching in 5 weeks plus. 5 weeks seem long but what if I fell sick? What if I dont wake up early for sahur? what if? what if? See...satan memang kuat la kalau bab bab nak bangun tido. Damn you satan!!

  • I went to UKM yesterday to settle for Convo fee. It was quite there, maybe because the new semester is wayyyyy long to start. Haha and for the first time I got wholf-whistled from the young workers there. Before this, I didnt stand a chance when I was with Leen or Ain. Even with Ambun pun! Rasa hot kejap. Boleh???hahahhaha Now I cant wait to graduate =))

  • Apart from that, met Shatierr in Shah Alam. After almost 2 months, I got to talk non stop with her.! Now I'm having a slight sore throat. Ye la kat rumah sapa mok layan aku bercakap kan??haha

  • Finally B gets his hand on his 1st car! Alhamdulillah. After waiting almost for a year. It's a second hand car but in excellent condition. He bought it from his uncle. I'm soooo proud of you dear! Bangga ok. Biar la bukan new car or expensive car. But it's the effort that I admire. He's been postponing to buy his car because of our engagement and financial situation. When few weeks later his uncle offered him the car. He's got eyes on the car btw. So he got a car, not only any car, the car he's been eyeing for soo long. Eh terpanjang pulak. haha

  • My KISSM is currently in process. I'm so lazy to type. Hopefully can be done before I fly to Kuching.

  • Heard the news about pembekuan pengambilan staff bla bla bla. As much as I hate being jobless, I hope my rezeki will come fast. Try not to whine about it. Be cool bebeh! InsyaAllah. Must be a reason right if there's a delay?
That's all. Bye!


Dewi Hiu bt. Iskandar Hiu said...

Yahhh... ktk nang hawt lah! ingat sik time kita lam bas rapid eh? ngan leen n ambun juak. kmk padah org laki ya tangga ktk... sik cayakkk... padah org ya tanggah leen. hehehehe.

Nurul Razak said...

bahahahahha makseh kak for the compliment. Ekceli kmk nang jarang rasa hot eh. gne?

sword said...


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