Saturday, June 25, 2011

My favourite pancakes =)

I learnt to make pancake about a month ago and been loving it since. Now, every time I feel hungry and have nothing or lazy to cook, i'll just make myself pancakes. It's very very simple. In 15 minutes - this include preparing and cooking, your pancakes will be ready. That simple.

Fluffy. I happened to take picture of my home made pancake yesterday. So I blog.hehe

My cousin, Anis is the biggest fan of my pancake. Whenever she comes back from Pahang, she'll ask me to make for her. Awwww....

my recipe for pancake (I've modified it according to my own taste)

2 senduk nasi wheat flour. 
(we dont have specific measuring cup at home. bantai sajork..aku kalau masak pakai ape pon bole..lalalala)
1 egg (beaten mildly)
A lil bit of tartar cream
A glass of fresh milk (Atau sampai adunan cair)
A lil bit of soda bicarbonate ( I dont put tartar or soda at the same time. I use either one.if you use both, it will make your tongue feel funny)
One spoon of sugar
A lil bit of salt


1. Beat the egg in a bowl.
2. Pour flour accordingly. Stir.
3. Add Soda/ tar tar
4. Add fresh milk till the mixture is err..what's cair in English..err....till it's light? =p)
5. Add sugar and salt. Stir.

Now your mixture is ready for the pan.

1. Pour 1 senduk nasi mixture on to the pan.
2. There will be bubbles on your pancake. Wait till it burst then only you change side..ok my English is funny here..hahaha you flip la...aiyaa)
3. Wait for a while.

Now you can enjoy your pancake with maple syrup/ chocolate/ or any other way you like it. 

I love it plain =)



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