Monday, June 13, 2011

Langkawi Day 1 Part 2 - Langkawi Cable Car!

Kesinambungan Part 1.

After we checked in at our room. prayed and rested for a while, we continued our day to the one of Langkawi famous attractions, Langkawi Cable Car. If you visit this island, this place is a MUST!!! It is situated at Langkawi Geopark at Gunung Mat Cincang.

From Pantai Cenang, we passed by Langkawi Airport =)

We stopped by at Pantai Kok to take pictures.hehe And we tried to make Ikha feel the wave for the 1st time. She was scared!!

Finally we arrived at Oriental Village where the Cable car is.

The village has many shops selling souvenirs, food and drinks. The view is beautiful. 

It was super humid and hot there. A hat would be a good idea.

We made one of this, but not here. We took one at Kota Mahsuri. That will be blogged in a different post.

Lotsa souvenirs here but it's a bit pricey.

Segway can be rent here. about RM17 if I'm not mistaken. You can also rent this for jungle trekking for RM30++.

Next to the cable car ticket counter is a wildlife area. =.=.... not so la...only got this animal and rabbits.


Spot the rabbit. Macro function automatically zoom for the branches instead of the rabbits =.='

Apparently Cable Car is having a promotion. Half price ticket from 5-7 pm ONLY. You see the crowd? They were all lining up waiting for the promo ticket. Normal price is RM30 per pax.

Spot my brother. hehe He waited since 4.40pm under the hot blazing sun!! Managed to get the ticket almost at 5.30pm. Lama kan??

While waiting for her Ayah to buy the ticket, Ikha met a new friend. They couldnt stop kissing each other. HAHAHAH Sikit2 nak kiss. 

Ngerepak indah ikha.haha

Yeay, finally we got the ticket.

DO NOT focus on my face. Please focus your eyes at the water bottles behind me.hehe It was super humid. Many visitors brought their own drinks. Unfortunately, food and drinks are not allowed. You can but them up there.hee I kept one bottle in my bag.tee hee..hee..

Stair way to heaven!

Macam semut!

Since the massive crowd, we waited another 30 minutes lining up. phew

The gondola. Fit for 6 pax only.

We were going to the top!

Less people already. Most of them were already queuing up.

The official photographer there. One picture costs RM35. Gila mahal!

We stood in lines from 1 to 6. The gondola wont stop so you have to get in one by one. Tapi ade je yang berebut2 masok.

Muka boleh buat goreng pisang.

Cool Arab baby.hee

Kak Shida was scared. ME? Muka confident.hahaha

Up up and away!

Pulau Dayang Bunting. Only Dayang's head was captured =.='

The famous Telaga Tujuh waterfall.

Family picture!

The first arrow shows the wave breaker. and Pantai Cenang can be seen from up there.

The tower. There were 3 towers all together.

Almost reaching the top. At that moment, the cable car stopped for a while due to heavy wind. I can see the cable next to ours (the one going down) was hit by wind and it went up and down like the cowboys always do with the rope. At that time, I was already traumatised! Rasa nak turun time time tu jugak. Nak nangis pun ader woo...

The suspension bridge, bridging the two tops of the mountain. Can you see the people there?

At the first station

At the second station. Buying drinks. 

Pantai Kok!

The Oriental Village from the top/

Notice the arrow: we went to the suspension bridge!

The route was slippery and curam

Station 1 from the bridge.


It was a bit tiring climbing down to the bridge. The arrow points at where we started to climb down.

Almost sunset. Perfect.

On the bridge. I sat down because I was soo gayat. When the wind blew, the bridge was kinda move too. And the planks for the floor macam dah longgar2. Kalau nasib tak baik pijak la papan tu yang goyang. seram beb! First time experiencing weak kness/ lutut longlai/ Ketaq lutot!

Penat woh daki tangga nak naik balik. Serious sangat penat. Plus the high altitude, breathing became kinda heavy.



Going down.

Nampak tak muka cuak??hahhaa

It was going to rain. Hence why we didnt wait till sunset.

It was the comulonimbus cloud. Awan hitam ya'll~ First time ada lam awan hitam nak hujan.haha

Candid! Hilang comel sebab takut.hahaha In my defense, I was still in trauma state.

Even this super active girl was quite too. Means she was scared like me.hee

It was 7pm and people were still waiting for their turn. By the way, the last ride to the top is at 7pm.

People chilled out by the lake.

Basically, that's how our first day went by. We were too exhausted to pose for more pictures. lagipun muka dah bersepah sebab peluh and penat. haha....By the way, this was my 3rd time there. The place hasnt changed at all. 

Later, we went back to our room to rest and pray.

To be continued~~

p/s I know my grammar was all jumbled up. Am lazy to reread the post. I've been sitting in front of the laptop for 4 hours. I just couldnt care anymore.hehe anyhoo, as long as you get what i'm saying, I'm satisfied. Pardon the errors ya!


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