Sunday, June 5, 2011

Congratulations Dear Cousin!!!

***another scheduled post**

Today, another cousin of my, Diera is getting engaged to her boyfriend. We've all grown up arent we?? So far, 3 engagements in 6 months. Murah rezeki namanya. Another engagement coming soon at the end of this month too. My cousin, Naim's turn pulak =D

Sorry we couldnt make it to your engagement but for sure, we'll be there for your wedding tau. Be pretty. Control sikit. Jalan ayu2 jangan macam jaga.hahahah Gelak orang aku pun jalan macam tu jugak. Semoga majlis berjalan lancar. Upload gambar banyak2!!!! Ini wajib!!

Cilok from her FB. His boyfriend is from Kedah too, just like Anis's.

3 of us have been booked =)). Now waiting for another cousin, Aisya.

There Aisya in white. Raya 2010.


p/s How ironic is that 2 of my cousins' partners are from Kedah? My mom has been dreaming for me to get a partner from there. What more, Diera's boyfriend's hometown is just next to my mom's kampung? Orang kampung sebelah je kot!


A . R said...

Kenapa korang nak sakat aku mcm ni? Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Nanti2 la aku kahwin :(

Nurul Razak said...

alaaaa///rilek ar...hehe takyah rushing. muda lagi kot. sajer je buat crita gempak.hehe

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