Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Worth of Money - Wedding Photographer

I wanna ngerepak (membebel) in this post.

I've booked my photographer like zillion months ago. Ok tipu. Booked in June. I took the risk of booking him though the date wasnt decided back then. I TOOK THE RISK AND PAID THE DEPOSIT. wah emoss!

Why? Because I fall in love with his work. His pictures.

And only recently Mom knew about this. She seemed upset that I paid that much for a photographer. Penat den terang kek omak den.

It's not about the money. It's the worth I'm looking for. My mom said her school photographer only charges RM900 for an event. Mine was 2k. But I got lucky. For 2 events the total does not exceed 3k. He waives the transportation and accommodation fee. It's still under my budget. Yesss I put soo much money for a photographer. The rest - pelamin, baju bla bla I dont care. No pelamin oso can. =D

i ALWAYS, and always love to see group photos. They speak the moment.

I told my bro and sis in law about this, and they agreed with me. They told me some of their friends hired inexperienced photographers for their weddings. Some were cheaper and more expensive than mine. But the outcomes were not satisfying. There was one of my bro's friend, the photographer's charged cheap but the pictures were printed from a printer used at home!!! and the pictures were over edited i.e. the faces in the pictures were glowing -  terover terputih gitu. alaaa you know that kind of picture la...

Actually my writing was interrupted by mom about an hour ago. So I basically lost about everything I wanted to write.hahahaha

Soooo if you were in my shoes, wudcha  opt for:

a RM900 photography package but the outcomes were blerggghhh!


pay a bit more like 2k but the result is satisfying?? it's your call. For a lifetime memory.

p/s Photo Credit

p/p/s I'm not hiring any videographer. No budget. Plus I dont think we need it. Plus Abah's camera can record good video. Plus my phone oso can record high quality video.haha later can use Windows Movie Maker and edit and include a song.hahahaha ok lame joke.


Heart Liver (Jantung Hati)

Watching them reminds me of my time, when I was younger, with all the cousins =)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Berkat rezeki

Since I started working with my auntie, i received some offers to be a part time lecturer at uitm Lendu. They are in a serious need for lecturers since the campus is expanding.Not that I'm not interested but it's complicated since I'm bound with a 5-year contract with the government.

Until.last week, there was this customer, apparently a senior lecturer asking about me bla bla bla.when i told him i'm yet to be posted,he asked to send a resume. I kindly explain my situation with all the contract thingy bla bla bla. He later claimed that he was under the scholarship too like me but he simply didnt report for duty and breached the contract just like that. He told me to do the same thing too. As usual, nodded and smiled.

I have this concern about breaching the contract and not paying it back. Dont you think it's like robbing the money? The taxpayers' money? It's definitely Not Halal right to spend the money and dont fulfill what's expected of you. Then where's the berkat in your rezki? It's a large sum of money of 6 years of education,everything was paid off by the government.

Just yesterday, appeared in Metro Newspapers 3 pages full of names of people who breach the KPM contract. Let's say a person was sponsored 90k worth of sum. The list showed more than few hundreds!!!! How much money was spent?

Dated 28/11/11

Eh terpanjang pulak membebel. I'm just saying. If you wanna quit, quit then but pay back all the money. Duit tak berkat bagi makan anak bini, apa jadi?

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Monday, November 28, 2011


Reporting from Penang:-D....

We are going back today. To Shah Alam. My mom and I might stop for a night in Shah Alam before going back to Melaka. I had a fun family trip this time.

But i miss the fiance. Spending times with family sometimes made me forget about him. Havent had long talk with him for daysss already. But come Saturday, i'm gonna see him baybeh!!!! Hoyeah hoyeah hoyeah hoyeah. Gonna spend a week with him in Bintulu and Melaka.*joget joget joget joget*.

And i cant wait to be at my friends' classmates are getting married.woot woot! The only thing is that this is my 1st time attending a Chinese wedding. Donno what to wear and expect. :D.

What else eh?

See you lovely people sooonnnn :-)
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Friday, November 25, 2011


My nephew. Making him smile was a total challenge.finally berjaya! Off to kedah after jumaat prayer.this will be adam's 1st trip to kedah!
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bridal Boutiques Melaka

My mom and I are currently doing major survey for bridal boutiques lately. And it usually led to stress. Stress because Mom and I are never thinking alike =.='. She has her own taste and I have mine.

Aaaanyway, wanna list down all the 3 boutiques that we have visited so far. Not that many ponnn.

Location: Masjid Tanah near Family Store.
Package: wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beyond my budget. Starting from 4k. Gulp!
Comment: GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the dresses are modern and beyuuutifulll. New and fresh I tell you. The interior was nicely decorated and tidy. The lady who entertained us was very friendly. PR Skill: Tip Top. And oh, they have the dress that Farah AF wore for her wedding last time. Price to rent just that is RM3500.

This boutique is fully book for my date.takpela... memang tak mampooo pun.hehe But if you are willing to burn the cash, dont hesitate. It's definitely a good choice.

2. The one in Cheng. -- 

Location: Cheng
Package: affordable. Starting from 1500k. Flexible too. I told them I only wanna 2 outfits, not 4 as stated in the package. They said I'll get new dress. Wah gituuu.
Comment: Not to my liking. The boutique was untidy and got this one kind of smell. But their daises are gorgeous! The dresses not so. We were entertained by the daughter of the owner. PR skill: ehhh.

3. The one in MITC

Location: MITC
Package: affordable. Starting from 1600k.
Comment: The dresses were new and modern. Their daises too. The only thing is that the lady who entertained us. I asked about the package, about bantal nikah, about whether the dresses come with full accessories. She hesitated to answer. About the bantal nikah, I asked whether it's included in the package. She answered 'Bolehla, kalau ada nanti kami bagi '. I was like.. whatttt? I'm not asking to be given free. I wanted to know whether it's included. and about the veil and accessories also she reacted the same. One thing when she hesitated, she looked away, and refused any eye contact. Of course I'd think something is not right. So in the end, Mom said reject jahhhh. But sayang...their dresses are pwetttyyyy....

If you notice, I didnt mention the exact name or location of the 2 boutiques. Because maybe the unfortunate events only happened to me, not to others. So it's not fair to judge them by only a single meeting. Tee hee...

Now stress mode is on since only I week left before B is here. Everything needs to be confirmed asap.

Next week gonna do more survey. Stay tuned baybeh!

p/s the color theme is not confirmed yet. Because the not -thinking-alike between me and mom.haha

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SPP Interview. First hand experience baby!

Today the most anticipated day arrived. The day of my interview and my vendor meeting.haha

This one does not follow the requirement. The fonts are smaller.hehehe 

Yours truly. I lost 1kg due to food poisoning. muahahahahahahahha *point sebenar tunjuk gambar*

I met new people today, Fazleen from IPPMM, Bee Guat from IPIK and Kak Zukma from DPLI course. They were insane! The moment we met, we clicked instantly, especially Fazleen with her crazy outrageous sense of humor.haha

Actually there were 13 of us, divided into 3 groups. I was in the 2nd group with the people mentioned above. And I was the first of the row. So most of the questions were attacked to me. But thank god those interviewees from the 1st group had warned me earlier to be prepared and to think quickly.

List of questions asked (specific to me):

1. Kepentingan FPK
2. Relation between FPK and Wawasan 2020
3. Maksud keadilan sosial.
4. What makes a country country?

After rounds of Qns and Ans, we were asked to do a simple microteaching. =.='''''

Explain the relation between Perlembagaan, Undang-undang and Parlimen. This one I owe Fazleen a lot since she discussed about this while waiting for our turn. Or else, memang hangus la aku goreng!

We were given freedom to speak in English or BM. I chose BM. and the rest followed suit.hahahah

Since I was the first to do microteaching, I  stumbled many times. By stumbled I mean giggled. Yes I giggled because I was trying to buy some times and think of my strategy. Once I got the groove, yea baby, I smooth. Ok tipu. tak smooth pun because I didnt really know how to explain such topic.

The only thing I remember very closely was the time I called out 'Chin' to answer my question. Yes, I called the interviewer by his name, no salutation. Matilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. The rest semua muka cuak that time.haha

But in my defense, he himself said he was my students. so....

Anywayyy, he gave me 5/10 for my microteaching.hahahaha

It took 1 hour 15 minutes for the interview to end. Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Thanks to Mom who waited for me the whole time in the car, Umi, dayah, iffa, lukman and ismail for the messages, Kak GG, Anis, Syasya and Ziela for your tweets. Mak terharu hoccayyyyy. Didnt know so many people knew bout my interview.

Okie bye.

P/s Tomorrow I'm off to Shah Alam. On Friday to Kedah, attending my cousin's wedding. Will be back on Sunday.

Interview, Hunting and in between

Today is the interview dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I woke up as usual, 5.30 am. I wanted to read some notes but my mind refused to accept any. Manja kau kan?

My sister tweeted this photo last night. a print screen of my dad's education in Facebook. Bahahahahah

Inilah Abah den yo.

My dad was strict when we grew up. We were all scared of him but till right now have the highest respect for him. He was a great teacher of his time. When he was teaching in Brunei, he successfully taught the kids Physic etc and for the 1st time in the school history, all students passed. He was crowned most favourite teacher for Teachers' Day every year!. But it's hard work people. I saw him staying up late preparing teaching materials bla bla. An inspiration indeed.

Eh tetiba ter brag about my dad. Sorry!

Today after the Interview, my mom and I will be visiting two bridal boutiques (that explains my laaaazinesss to study. I cannot focus!!). Appointment has been made. hehehehehe eksaited tak??

I'll try to upload pictures k.

What else eh??

Air Asia is having promotion again. The ticket is super cheap but AS USUAL, no cheap tickets for KL-SIBU. Uwaaaaa ingat den anak tokey balak apee??? Tickets from KL to Kuching, Bintulu and Miri starts at RM29~

ok it's 6am. Time to hit the shower and off to Melaka for the interview. Doakan saya yerrrrrrrr.

p/s Interview ini penting sbg penentu untuk dilantik sebagai GURU jika lulus. And I need a job for wedding funds. =p
Monday, November 21, 2011


I went to work today feeling unsure. Should or shouldnt I go to work today.  But in the end, I went. I was feeling drowsy and uneasy the whole morning. I sweated by not doing anything. Came noon, it felt soo much better. The minute I arrived home, toilet was the destination.miahahahaha

Then, I 'seduced' mom to come with me to Mydin. Wanted to buy the shoes but dowanna go alone. tee hee... By the way, mom was having cherry berry too due to the food from yesterday wedding reception. But she insisted on going.well..

Once in Mydin, it took me less that 5 minutes to buy the shoes. I've been eyeing this shoes for months. Alhamdulillah. Finally they're mineeeeee!!! *evil laugh*. Why am I so excited for the shoes? You see, the last time I bought shoes was last year, in July. More than a year already. *engagement shoes and flip flops dont count.hahahaha*

Bata. Hopefully this one can last till I get my first baby.hahaha Only 2 inches high. 

 Afta that, went for some grocery shopping in Mydin in less than 30 minutes. NEW RECORD!!

Once we stepped out of Mydin, Mom gave me hints that she wanted to eat at Secret Recipe as she had never been there before. I said no problemo. But before that we went to survey around Kota Fashion, looking for one of the bridal boutique. This was an impromptu plan. Unfortunately, the boutique was closed. We then passed by Romantika, stopped by for a while surveying for door gifts. Then to KK Home Deco. I'm sorry Romantika, but KK Home Deco is definitely a wiser choice. Wide variety with cheaper price. Mom landed her eyes on this particular gift, and decided that would be the gifts for VIPs. tee hee... 

Done with washing eyes, Secret Recipe was the final destination before we headed back. Mom wanted to eat lasagne since her colleague couldnt stop talking about it.(Sakai much?). We ordered one lasagne with a slice of Choc Indulgence and Ice Lemon Tea. Mom ate most of it since I had no appetite due to the food poisoning. It was my surprise treat for Mom. And the feeling was unexplainable

In the car, mom jokingly said "Makan kat sini tak cover duit ko keja sehari kan?" haha takpela. Bukan salu Mak oiii.

Fruitful trip today.

p/s My interview will be in 2days. Read some stories from earlier. Felt nervous. Am i ready? NOT!!
Saturday, November 19, 2011

Under the weather

I woke up today feelin a lil bit light headed. Then cherry berry came for few rounds and stopped at noon. After that, I felt nauseous the whole day, till just now.

Yess, I finally threw up all the indigest food in my belly. Feeling soooo much better. It came without warning though. Lucky I was able to run to the bathroom. The only thing is that, I threw up in the sink..... all the food got stuck and I had to use my hand to scoop them all out, threw into the toilet bowl and flushed. Yuckkkkks!

I'm guessing food poisoning. It's the same the way I feel right now with when I was in Genting last time. Only my cherry berry didnt last long. But the pain, like thousands of pins being pinched into my stomach comes several times. The pain last for several seconds, enough to leave me breathless, gawking for air.

Erego my plan for the weekend, to read for the interview. Tomorrow then. 

Despite my condition, mom and I went for bridal boutique hunting this afternoon. Since B is coming in 2 weeks, we need to finalise the vendor asap for clothes fitting. You think it's too early? I tot so too but I was damnnnnn wrong. One of the option, the boutique was fully book for our date. boo hoo.. We went to another one in Cheng, the package looks interesting though but Mom prefers the premons we met the other day. Oh well, just go with the flow.

Apart from that, we went to visit nenek in the evening. Her condition has improved but she remains at lost most of the time. Talked to Busu Ros just now. She said Nenek was talking about many things like she called out for my auntie, Mak Teh in Spore, asking whether she had prepared the lemangs for raya, or calling Bibik to saw the bamboo to make lemang.She also asked to be brought into the room, the one at the back and wanted to sleep there. But she's ok. Her leg is doing better now.

What else eh?

Oh Congrats Malaysia for winning the match against Myanmar. 

Semoga esok sudah sembuh. Saya perlu belajar!
Friday, November 18, 2011


Today was crazy, at the shop I mean. One of the shops in our village was closed so all the customers went to ours. I had no help apart from my auntie, but she went back at forth checking on Nenek several times. During peak hour, usually I went for automode -  I didnt think about everything that I did, just went with the flow. Which usually led to mistake. Which I super hate.

Usually I got scolded by fussy customers, or the least, they made faces when the have to wait for some times for their food to arrive. And this usually the first timer, not our regular ones. They dont understand that we only have one cook, whom only have a pair of hands. 

I myself dont get the aim of this post. I'm rambling. Because I'm tired. Because my mind is tired. Working isnt easy. And I ONLY work for 6++ hours per day, 5 days per week. I now become somebody who values money so much, as small as 10cents because it was that hard to earn that much per day. But I'm happy. With RM20 per day, I have saved up for my trip to Bintulu. Alhamdulillah. No need to ask money from Mom or borrow from B =))). And with the money, I can buy new pair of shoes, as mentioned before for my interview. And InsyaAllah, to book for invitation cards. 

Tolong lah jangan cakap aku menunjuk ok. aku lempang karang. I'm just feeling grateful, with all the blessings around me. Plus there's nothing to show off pun. Just a decent work as a waitress at a small shop in front of my auntie's house.

In the next entry, I'm gonna talk about the types of customer I face each day I work.tee hee.
Thursday, November 17, 2011


Nenek is making good progress today. Alhamdulillah. After work, I helped my auntie to bath her, together with Yaya and Cik Intan. I helped to lift her from the wheel chair to the bed. I couldnt. My nenek is so small. Yet I couldnt lift her. In the end, Cik Intan and my auntie did the work. I was too scared that I might hurt her. She's already in pain.

Nenek was begging everyone she saw to send her home. Not the one she grew up with. Her current home. Hehe she even asked my brother Lukman to send her home. She said she'd pay for the tambang. awwww...

Apart from that, I managed to do some reading just now. Finally my brain wanted to be fed with information. That's a progress people. My interview will be on Wed, next week at 7.30am. Less than a week already. Speaking of it, I need to buy some pens and pencil, just to be prepared. And am yet to make new name tag and also the best part, buy a new court shoes bebehhhhh!!! The old one just decided to end its service after 2 years. hoyeah hoyeah. that's the best part right??? I've eyed a pair at Bata. nom nom nom -  eh makan kasut ke  ape?

hahaha it's 9.30pm now and I'm off to lala land in 45 minutes.
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It is hard for me

When my maternal grandparents were sick, I wasnt around to see. Then the sad news came. When my paternal grandpa got sick, again I wasnt around. Then the house phone rang with the bad news. I wasnt around to see the figures i love started losing their strength and lost in the battle against time.

My nenek is got worse after she fell in front of the bathroom last Monday. Now she's staying with my auntie,the one i work for. My auntie spent most of her time looking after her since 3 days ago.sometimes she'd come to the shop to cook lunch for nenek or spilled her heart.

Today,nenek kept asking for water.she was so thirsty.if you know what it means,you know.even the people at the shop said the same thing. She also kept asking my auntie to send her to her old house, the house she grew up in when she was little. The house isnt there anymore. It was a long long time ago.

This time, i'm around to see. And it is hard for's hard because she's in pain. She groans everytime somebody moves her legs. Last night she couldnt sleep because of the pain.

It's hard for me. Breaks my heart everytime i see her like that.
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding Theme: Rustic Vintage

This theme has been the talk in Fb today. I dont know this couple but I admire them. The fact that they choose something that is totally different than the usual Malay wedding theme. Rustic Vintage!


And now, the dais!!!!

Made from haystack. It's just unique.

But one thing stuck in mind: Tak gatal ke butt they ol?

Ok just kidding.

I cant wait to show Mom this. hhehehe 

From FB, I guess the couple is from Singapore. =))

Mek Down

I woke up this morning with 2 bad news. My uncle in Spore fell at the bus stop and cut his eyes. Few minutes later my auntie called to inform that my grandma fell in front of the toilet. Her head was bleeding pretty bad.

I stopped by her house before work to check on her. Abah and another auntie were there. I could see stain of blood on her shirt and the cushion. She looked lost. She refused to go to the hospital. She said she's scared of needles.

Then I went to the shop with no mood. Everything felt wrong. We were short of man power since my auntie had to run back and forth to nenek's house. And for the 1st time today, I didnt really care how my drinks gonna taste. I was like 'mampui la kau' kinda attitude. Kalau tak sedap hantar balik.hahaha

For few hours my father and his siblings tried to make nenek to go to the hospital. Finally she relented. I think because the pain was unbearable, especially her leg. They called an ambulance, around 10am and was brought to Alor Gajah General Hospital.

The latest news: Her wound on the head is ok but she has small bone fracture- her thigh. Now they are waiting for the fractured area to be immobilized with plaster.

Tonight, she will be staying with my auntie.

Today feels sooo long and the time fly soo slow.
Sunday, November 13, 2011

Teachers are to work 9 Hours per day

ALOR SETAR: Teachers should not panic over the nine-hour work day pilot project which will be introduced in four states next year, says Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong.
“The new system will begin in Pahang, Malacca, Johor and Sarawak in January.
“A decision on whether to introduce it to other states will only be made after the six-month trial period is over,” he said.
Dr Wee said teachers may have served longer working hours compared to what the public think.
Hence, the pilot project was important so that the real situation could be determined, he added.

         Source: The Star.  For more story, click here

 My take on this issue: ehh~ (shrug)

Mom's take on this issue: "Dah biasa"

Abah's: *krik krik* he couldnt care less.hahaha

I've seen my parents, mom especially went to work as early as 6am (when we were in Miri) and returned home  after 6pm every weekdays. At night, she was busy preparing lesson plans or marking papers or keyed in marks or other clerical jobs.

Since we moved here, Mom goes to work at 6.45am and comes back around 3.30 pm - normal day. Days with co-curricular activities or meetings what nots, around 5.45pm.

Even during practicum days, sometimes I went home around 5pm. As expected as a junior.haha

What to do? Government servant - Saya yang menurut perintah

Kot-kot penat, boleh tido dalam kelas...sebab student dah balik.hahaha

Looking on a bright side, maybe teachers can finish up some work in school before the clock strikes 4.30pm. Maybe la.. I dunno. I'm in no position to complain yet.

I'm so jealous with B. He works for 4 days, then off for another 4 days. 2 days of day shift and 2 night shifts. Brings home no homework. If he applies for one cycle leaves, he gets 12 days of holidays. grrrrrrr. Jealous jealous jealous~

Have a great Sunday!
Saturday, November 12, 2011


Last night, I had a small chat with Mom regarding my impending interview at the end of the month. I told her that we females must bring a handbag - she offered hers. Thank you mom but no thanks....hehehe After that, Mom went off and Abah's taking his turn, spurting words of advice and tips for the interview.

He told me his experience went for major interviews when he was younger. I didnt know he got an offer for medical scholarship in Egypt. But he turned down the offer because he has always wanted to be an engineer. The reason he went for the interview was because of my late grandpa =).

when he went for the interview, he had no idea about the etiquette.haha Classic Abah, he wore slippers and the interviewers didnt notice em' until Abah stood up and walked out the door after the interview ended.hahahahahahah Well, Abah has always favored slippers over shoes. He wore slippers on plane, vacations, went to the 'besan' houses, our wedding reception. Classic!hahaha

Aaanyway, he told me what the interviewers really wanna see is attitude, how you carry yourself as future teachers, communication skills, how you speak, maturity, not solely on what you know. I told him I am yet to study for anything and he said sweat not baby girl (ok that's not his exact words.hahahhaha). He said there's no use to memorize everything but fail to deliver. Find key points, current issues and be prepared to throw own opinions regarding the issues. DO NOT SOUND like a walking newspaper or textbooks where you blurt out everything that people can read by themselves. Make your points clear. Own points. 

Wahhh gtewwwwww!

My parents are my inspirations. 

p/s Have I told you that Mak is going to follow me for the interview??? Well... she's worried about me driving alone at wee hour in the morning because it's gonna take about 45 minutes from my place to the interview. huhu
Thursday, November 10, 2011

The invitations are here!

Next week will be the final week of schooling years, Malaysia Calendar. Many wedding invitations have started flooding in our doors. hehe and today Mak brought back about 5 invitation cards given by her colleagues.

oooo I love the purple one - 2nd from right.

Aaaaanyway, among the cards, there's one that caught our attention. Tadaaa!

why? Because it looks exactly like an exercise book! The brown cover one.hahah reminded me of primary school yearsss. Let's take a look 

at the back of the card. The multiplications table is being replaced by a calendar, marking the date of the reception. Got 'Rukun Negara tooo!

Inside the card. Exercise book look alike. 

The only thing is that the font is very hard to read. Overall, Unique!

I think both bride and groom are teachers. That's why.

tee heee

Our invitations? not so unique like this la.... we opt for the cheap ones. Coz we both agree not to spend money on something that will be thrown away.

p/s I seem soo rajin updating blog lately. This is a sign of stress people!
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Perihal warna tema kenduri kahwin

Today I feel low, a bit only la... maybe because I started the day with a sad news, I heard at the shop today.

Anyway, today there was a Makcik hung around the shop for some time. She helped to peel the potatoes bla bla while talking. I have always failed to join makcik conversation so I usually listened to the stories. Same goes to this morning. Listening to the makcik talking to my aunt and the cook. My aunt and the cook were kinda busy with orders coming in. so maybe the makcik got bored. She shifted the attention to me, asking about my fiancee. She looks astounded with the fact that B is from Sarawak. Terus membebel2 macam aku hanakkkk dia. What made me soo upset was she sounded as if I'm marrying a monkey, something like that ish!

But I used the same strategy though, smiled and nodded.

Lepas ni nak cakap la tunang aku orang Britain ke, Australia ke. *GERAM*


I applied for cuti from my auntie for 2 weeks starting end of this month. Approved! Wah gitu kan bunyi macam keja korporat.hahahaha Going back to Kedah for a cousin's wedding, then 4 days in Bintulu and 4 days back in Melaka for hantaran hunting and wedding dress booking and fitting. 

Is it too early? All the makciks at the shop said it's still wayyy too early. Takpela... plan to buy cloths for solemnization, wedding band, some hantaran gifts and book the invitation cards. I cannot afford to do everything one shot because I'm not working, I dunno where to fork that extra cash in one go.hehehe Takpela... awal pun awal la..

So I need to finalize the color theme a.s.a.p.

Few ideas in mind:

My original idea: Purple and baby blue 

I dreamt of this theme last night: Purple and silver. (over kau sampai mimpi hahaha)

Kak GG's: Purple and green. Not bad!

I showed mom all the photos above. She frowned. A sign of disagreement. Haish...
She wants something USUAL. Like below,

Purple and White/ Cream


Mom still cannot get over the traditional idea. She's scared to mix and match the color though I have repeatedly explained to her that those are the trends right now. But the other day she kinda agreed when my idea was supported by Busu Ros and Mak Teh.hahaha I think she needs the 'grown ups' opinion rather than mine.

 So what's your pick??

If I still cannot decide by December, am gonna use all time favourite method: Draw lots.hahaha

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feel like writing.

I'm so tired today. Customers came flooding since morning. Ceh. But I like crowds compared to non-customers day coz it'll be boring and the time flies very slow.

Gonna send my brother back to Jempol in half an hour. I cannot drive. Daus will drive. body ache =)

It has been raining the whole day. I wish I could stay at home and sleep. But big sista has her responsibility to send adik.

Asked my brother just now whether we receive any letter today. He said yes. I later asked is there any for me? He said the letters are still in the mailbox. =.='

Am waiting for my interview letter. Hopefully I wont be sent to Miri. Haish.

My cousin Anis is getting married end of this year =DDDDDDDDDD. She told me to make purple baju kurung since her theme will be purple. I told her I'm gonna wear the one during my convo. I dont have any budget for new baju kurung. =(

Another cousin, Diera is getting married too in March. Her theme is turquoise. I hope I'll have the rezeki to tailor a new one for her reception.tee hee

and come May, it will be my turn. During raya haji, mom and I had some discussion with aunties about the wedding. Mom has started to feel anxious since we have yet to book any vendor except photographer. She's always so confident that the time is still far. miahaha now i'm trying to book an appointment but the kakak vendor hasnt replied my email. Kakakkkk plissss....

I'm still in dilemma for my own color theme. Since Anis has chosen purple.... I need an extra combination for color. Mom asked me to choose other color but I cant seem to picture myself in any color but purple. Mom suggested 'Green'.. AMAGASHHHH. That' the color for frog!


I feel happy that I cant write something for this blog. I just love writing though most of them are craps. I still keep all my writings - essays, diary, love letters from school. ANd love reading them too.hahaha

Ok bye.
Monday, November 7, 2011

Giant Cucumber

Today am gonna post about cucumber again.haha since it's the harvest time for cucumber =p

My brothers went to help my dad plucking the cucumbers and came home with this.

This so far is the heaviest and largest cucumber ever grown in abah's kebun.

Too bad, nobody will buy this as it's too big for market standard. Gonna make ulam or facial from it.tee hee

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Buah hati

Both of them refused to smile for the camera. =__='

Been spending so much time with 'em babies, neglecting B.sorry.hehe

Great raya today.though jst spent the whole day at home.muehehe
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Rojak Entry

Been so lazy to update blog since the babies are around. I'm a clingy auntie like that! So wanna rojak everything into this post =)

1. Swollen feet.
I am not sure what happen on Friday but i kinda trip on my left foot, leaving it all swollen and painful. That evening I self-massaged the area and the next morning the swelling area subsided. Still painful now but only when walking.hee

2. Cucumber
Abah is doing reallly fine these few days with his cucumbers. Alhamdulillah. After almost 3 years of frustration - spoiled crops, overproduced, no market problems, he finally can harvest his hard work - after freakin 3 yearsss!

Seems like the PPSMI will continue till 2020. This will be a great news for urban kids but a nightmare for rural kids. But everything will have its pros and cons right? Good luck for teachers who teach at the rural areas. And for English teachers, definitely more pressures on you!

4. SPP Interview.
I really need to start studying. I have but not much. My biological clock has set me feeling sleepy around 10pm everyday.... And when I come back from work, I'm always too tired and just wanna lie down and watch tv.heeee Oh yesterday I read a news regarding the interview about if we fail it, we might not be hired. I was worried and of course felt unfair. I talked to mom about it. 2 pieces of advice from her.

  1. You will NOT get hired in any interview if you fail. So why suddenly you feel you're so special? Pekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kena skali kat muka.
  2. Why in the first place you're so worried about failing? You have been in this field for almost 6 years. And it is compulsory for you to know everything about it. Like a doctor. If a doctor isnt familiar with his field, what's gonna happen to the patient? Peekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk pekkkkkkkkkkkkkk double slap on the face. T_____________T
Thanks mak. Pedas wooo kena lazer ngan senior teachers.

5. Be grateful
I sometimes notice that some people dislike my comments about being grateful. And I can sense hints of sarcasm when they talk to each other. Ok la like this, I talk about being grateful ONLY in my blog. Soooo it's so obvious that you often come visiting this crappy blog, where I speak my mind. And IP addresses dont lie either. Why dont you just stop coming rather than feeling like I've stuffed your mouth with chillies? and then go ranting about my writing?

I write based on what I see and my understanding. If you feel like I dont understand you, then why sweat? I dunno how to say it nicely to your face. Karang I sound direct terus moha nak?? Maybe this is my way to advice my own friends. Especially when you complain too much like the world is dying because of your situation. Have you not seen or read anything around you? Like in Bangkok right now? Kalau macam ain ke, leen ke i sound direct jahh. 

If you complain so much now, you're not gonna like it when you are in school. At least now you just have to worry about being jobless. In school, there are tonnes of things to be worried and usually are out of your capability to control. I grow up with teachers as parents. I'm pretty familiar with the drill. One of the reason my dad stops teaching is because of the problems. My dad still have about 8 years before his retirement age but he decided to be a farmer because plants make him happy. See? even my mom, at her seniority level, still complains about students, parents, workloads, colleagues. See?

One of the reason we all want to work because of money. But after that what? We all strive to be happy in life. If money is your priority, then be it. But a beginner teacher's salary wont get you anywhere. Just a decent house and car. Nak pakai Honda city? Vios? Stop dreaming unless you plan to work at rural areas or be single until 30 before you get married.

Ok la. I'm tired justifying. ceh.hahaha this is my 5cents. If you like it, then take it. If not leave. I donwanna sound like Miss Right. what i said I try to practice it too. Do what you preach kan? 


p/s lemang and rendang itik kirim salam =)))))))))))))

Friday, November 4, 2011

Timun yang unik

Sekarang musim timun-timun yang abah tanam membuahkan hasil. Setiap hari Abah akan bawa pulang berbakul2 timun untuk dijual. Kadang2 akan terjumpa timun2 yang pelik.hihi Hari itu post pasal timun yang sexxayyyy! Hari ini:

Sekali lagi, bakal dijadikan home made facial. =)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

'Sugar Daddy Wanted Melaka'

 ish ish..... Apakah?
Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm blessed.

Today was crazy. All the customers came almost at the same time, sending me running around, getting confused, making tasteless drinks and wrong orders T_________T.

The Penyu Boys (they're 4m terengganu...haha), Petronas, Lecturers, Nurses, Jab Pertanian, Group Duit (Kewangan UITM), villagers, school kids all showed up today. Perghh! Andddd, Pengarah UITM Lendu also came.tee hee... I selamber addressed him as 'Pakcik' coz I didnt know him in the 1st place... Nasiblerrr.. Can meet oso at kedai makan, no need to go to UITM. He was sooo humble, joining other lecturers for brunch and paid for the bills. He came with his wife and son. Most lecturers who just walked in the shop, you could see they were surprised to see him. Tee hee hee. Terus jadi formal yo!

Datuk Prof Madya Dr. Mizan Bin Hitam 

Apart from that, there's this uncle, who has been so nice to me since the 1st day I was there. Today he asked me where I wanna be posted and of course I said 'Sarawak'. (Since I'm getting married next year, there's no point getting posted to Melaka only later have to apply for transfer again). For Sarawak, he said there shouldnt be a problem since most Semenanjung teachers dowanna get posted there. He gives me a number to call. Amagashhhhhhhhhhh I cannot tell how happy i was.


Makkkkk, please call for me, can?????

I've met so many nice people. Maybe this is the reason, the hikmah. Right?

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