Thursday, November 17, 2011


Nenek is making good progress today. Alhamdulillah. After work, I helped my auntie to bath her, together with Yaya and Cik Intan. I helped to lift her from the wheel chair to the bed. I couldnt. My nenek is so small. Yet I couldnt lift her. In the end, Cik Intan and my auntie did the work. I was too scared that I might hurt her. She's already in pain.

Nenek was begging everyone she saw to send her home. Not the one she grew up with. Her current home. Hehe she even asked my brother Lukman to send her home. She said she'd pay for the tambang. awwww...

Apart from that, I managed to do some reading just now. Finally my brain wanted to be fed with information. That's a progress people. My interview will be on Wed, next week at 7.30am. Less than a week already. Speaking of it, I need to buy some pens and pencil, just to be prepared. And am yet to make new name tag and also the best part, buy a new court shoes bebehhhhh!!! The old one just decided to end its service after 2 years. hoyeah hoyeah. that's the best part right??? I've eyed a pair at Bata. nom nom nom -  eh makan kasut ke  ape?

hahaha it's 9.30pm now and I'm off to lala land in 45 minutes.


Sue Andy's said...

good luck for the interview norol! :D

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