Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feel like writing.

I'm so tired today. Customers came flooding since morning. Ceh. But I like crowds compared to non-customers day coz it'll be boring and the time flies very slow.

Gonna send my brother back to Jempol in half an hour. I cannot drive. Daus will drive. body ache =)

It has been raining the whole day. I wish I could stay at home and sleep. But big sista has her responsibility to send adik.

Asked my brother just now whether we receive any letter today. He said yes. I later asked is there any for me? He said the letters are still in the mailbox. =.='

Am waiting for my interview letter. Hopefully I wont be sent to Miri. Haish.

My cousin Anis is getting married end of this year =DDDDDDDDDD. She told me to make purple baju kurung since her theme will be purple. I told her I'm gonna wear the one during my convo. I dont have any budget for new baju kurung. =(

Another cousin, Diera is getting married too in March. Her theme is turquoise. I hope I'll have the rezeki to tailor a new one for her reception.tee hee

and come May, it will be my turn. During raya haji, mom and I had some discussion with aunties about the wedding. Mom has started to feel anxious since we have yet to book any vendor except photographer. She's always so confident that the time is still far. miahaha now i'm trying to book an appointment but the kakak vendor hasnt replied my email. Kakakkkk plissss....

I'm still in dilemma for my own color theme. Since Anis has chosen purple.... I need an extra combination for color. Mom asked me to choose other color but I cant seem to picture myself in any color but purple. Mom suggested 'Green'.. AMAGASHHHH. That' the color for frog!


I feel happy that I cant write something for this blog. I just love writing though most of them are craps. I still keep all my writings - essays, diary, love letters from school. ANd love reading them too.hahaha

Ok bye.


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