Monday, November 14, 2011

Mek Down

I woke up this morning with 2 bad news. My uncle in Spore fell at the bus stop and cut his eyes. Few minutes later my auntie called to inform that my grandma fell in front of the toilet. Her head was bleeding pretty bad.

I stopped by her house before work to check on her. Abah and another auntie were there. I could see stain of blood on her shirt and the cushion. She looked lost. She refused to go to the hospital. She said she's scared of needles.

Then I went to the shop with no mood. Everything felt wrong. We were short of man power since my auntie had to run back and forth to nenek's house. And for the 1st time today, I didnt really care how my drinks gonna taste. I was like 'mampui la kau' kinda attitude. Kalau tak sedap hantar balik.hahaha

For few hours my father and his siblings tried to make nenek to go to the hospital. Finally she relented. I think because the pain was unbearable, especially her leg. They called an ambulance, around 10am and was brought to Alor Gajah General Hospital.

The latest news: Her wound on the head is ok but she has small bone fracture- her thigh. Now they are waiting for the fractured area to be immobilized with plaster.

Tonight, she will be staying with my auntie.

Today feels sooo long and the time fly soo slow.


sword said...

get well soon nenek..

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