Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Worth of Money - Wedding Photographer

I wanna ngerepak (membebel) in this post.

I've booked my photographer like zillion months ago. Ok tipu. Booked in June. I took the risk of booking him though the date wasnt decided back then. I TOOK THE RISK AND PAID THE DEPOSIT. wah emoss!

Why? Because I fall in love with his work. His pictures.

And only recently Mom knew about this. She seemed upset that I paid that much for a photographer. Penat den terang kek omak den.

It's not about the money. It's the worth I'm looking for. My mom said her school photographer only charges RM900 for an event. Mine was 2k. But I got lucky. For 2 events the total does not exceed 3k. He waives the transportation and accommodation fee. It's still under my budget. Yesss I put soo much money for a photographer. The rest - pelamin, baju bla bla I dont care. No pelamin oso can. =D

i ALWAYS, and always love to see group photos. They speak the moment.

I told my bro and sis in law about this, and they agreed with me. They told me some of their friends hired inexperienced photographers for their weddings. Some were cheaper and more expensive than mine. But the outcomes were not satisfying. There was one of my bro's friend, the photographer's charged cheap but the pictures were printed from a printer used at home!!! and the pictures were over edited i.e. the faces in the pictures were glowing -  terover terputih gitu. alaaa you know that kind of picture la...

Actually my writing was interrupted by mom about an hour ago. So I basically lost about everything I wanted to write.hahahaha

Soooo if you were in my shoes, wudcha  opt for:

a RM900 photography package but the outcomes were blerggghhh!


pay a bit more like 2k but the result is satisfying?? it's your call. For a lifetime memory.

p/s Photo Credit

p/p/s I'm not hiring any videographer. No budget. Plus I dont think we need it. Plus Abah's camera can record good video. Plus my phone oso can record high quality video.haha later can use Windows Movie Maker and edit and include a song.hahahaha ok lame joke.



cekkeya said...

ya, i'm agree with you. choose the 2K! :)

oh, sangat suka dgn hasil kerja photog tuuuuu!!!

oh lagi 1, mmg betul. video tuh tangkap sendiri je! :)

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