Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wedding talks!

According to the ticker, we have 5 months, 3 weeks and 4 days left before our 'I do' ceremony.

Yesterday B called me, he just had a meeting with his vendor in Sibu and confirmed their booking. His side has also confirmed the Hall for wedding venue, catering, dais and decoration, photographer and wedding cake and favors. All in less than a day. Our side???? Only the photographer is confirmed.

I straight away told mom about their side's progress. Mom said it's still too e arly. Then I told her "Mak, tinggal 5 bulan 3 minggu 5 hari je tauuu"... and she was like... whatt? She didnt know I was counting.hahaha

After she was silent for few minutes, she grabbed her mobile phone and started dialling. Apparently, She was calling the caterer, the one from my brothers' reception. She asked about the price per head bla bla bla. And the caterer confirmed that the price remains the same RM8 per head (like 3 years ago punya price) hahaha The caterer reminded Mom that she can only take 5 jobs per day and people have started booking her till June. Baru Mak nebes tau. So the catering is 50% done.tee hee

Another progress is I've booked for henna drawing lady (sukati aku jewww term macam tu) for nikah. Yesterday I asked Mom should I have simple henna or she wanted with the drawing too. She said 'up to you' la. So I said just make the simpler version. I'm gonna do it. She later said 'kita mana pandai buattttt'. You get the hint? She wants the one with the drawing. Adoi omak den! Last night I sruveyed for a lil bit, and found this lady who offers henna drawing service in Melaka. Melaka brides,,,, visit here! - Chanteq Henna Creation. She offers various packages but I'm opting for the cheapest. As long as it satisfies my mom's...

Taken from the blog

Another progress isssss I've booked an appointment with my photographer, next week. Since B's in town, it's best for the both of us to go and see him in Batu Pahat. Road trip! Haha

what else eh? haaaa.... I'm searching around for affordable homestay in Kuching for my family trip 3 days before our wedding reception. We gonna stop at Kuching for 3 days 2 nights trip before flying to Sibu.hehe I've emailed some and one has replied (my first choice apparently). I kinda like their houses since they can cater for big group. It's gonna be 14 of us. Now I need to find some money for the deposit. Oh they also have rental van service. Now keep digging Nurul till you find the manehhhhh!

So far so good. I'm changing my hard headed attitude towards Mom by trying to fulfill what she wants for the wedding. Because of our constant disagreement, nothing gets settled. So for the benefits for all of us, I follow you makkkkk! 

Ok bye.

p/s I know lately I always talk about wedding stuff. Who wouldnt if you have a wedding to make?hee


dira ghani said...

huhuhuhu..ak pn selalu ckp lambat lg...pdhal lg bape bulan je..huuuuu

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