Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Miss me??hehe I know this is a along overdue post. Feel like ages since I last updated my blog. My bad. I fell sick starting last Wednesday. In fact, I still am right now. Please2 pray for me to get better sooner.

How are you pretty people?

Since I got sick, I was lazy to turn on the laptop. Hence no update. I havent visited my facebook too. I only tweet to check on news. Facebook no. So i dunno what's happening there. Only can get the gist if my friends tweet about anything.haha

Bintulu was nice to me. I had a tremendous great time with the fiancee and friends. Congratulations to Edmond and Crystal on your wedding. OOpps they are currently in Taiwan now for the honeymoon. It was fun during the reception. Meeting Ambun, Julian and Visha. hee

Not only that, we went to Miri for a day trip. Miri hasnt changed that much except its shopping complex. The number has doubled since I last visited. Which I like like like. Would love to settle down in Miri. =))

Annnnddddd B surprised me in Bintulu which was so sweet of him.=)))))))))))

I bought this jubah in a rush, which made me dowanna wear any kind of jubah, ever. =.='

Anyhoo, wedding preps updates:

1. We've booked a bridal.yeayyy finally!.
2. we've bought some of the gifts and jewelleries. yeayyy!
3. we've booked the wedding invitations. yeayy!
4. we've bought the kain for nikah. yeayy!

It took us a total of 3 days to settle everything, more like rushing.haha

And I am now broke. Totally. All my salary, my life savings have been spent wisely. Hopefully real job will come real soon or else....... I need to grow hair so that I can sell.hahahahaha

p/s I miss him. sob~


Alex said...

GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sue Andy's said...

get well soon nurol. btw the jubah n hijab look nice on u bah

Nurul Razak said...

tq uolss... am definitely better.hehe

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