Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kursus Pra Perkahwinan Tampin

I told Mom I was going to attend the Kursus Kahwin since we might get posted in January. I told her last week. I've been dragging to go for the registration till today. Mom forced me to go. =.='

So off I went to Tampin, with Mom - obviously to register. The place is situated on the top floor (4storeys complex...phew!). I paid for the deposit, RM30 to ensure I have a place this weekend. RM80 for 2 days course, food included.hehe

Some info:

Venue: Pedoman Khusus Enterprise

Blok B/3, Tampin Square 73000 Tampin Negeri Sembilan.

Tel: 06-4418579

The course is conducted every week. But for January next year, the course only starts on 14/15 Jan 2012. 

Attire: Appropriate of course. For the ladies, cover your head.

I'm not excited because I'm going alone. Boo hoo... B is going for the course next year because he has no holiday left this year. gagagagaga bersedia to be forever alone that day.


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