Saturday, December 3, 2011

Love from Bintulu.

I've safely landed in Bintulu around 4.30pm. Had the scariest flight experience so far. The plane was delayed for half an hour. Then the turbulences.... The scariest was when the plane was ready to land. Suddenly the speed increased and we were back in the sky. Rasa nak nangis hokay. Apparently Bintulu received heavy down pour at the time and we spent about 15minutes circulating in the sky. Once we landed,some passengers clapped in relief.ingat i sorg jeww takut.muehehe

Aaanyway, i'm sooo happy to see B. Had dinner at Chicken Hartz. I tell you Chicken Hartz in Sarawak, be it in Kuching or Bintulu always taste much better than in KL..

Tomorrow we'll visit Miri.ueayyyyyyyy. The last time I was there was in 2008.

Lots of love. Ngeeee
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Sue Andy's said...

entry tok nyruh palak ku senget jee aihh

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