Thursday, May 31, 2012


Dunno why but everytime i share a photo on blogger thru phone the photo will rotate =_='
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drowned in love


Our modem was struck by lightning on Saturday night.hence the silence. I'm dying to update this blog and reply fb wishes and comment on all the pictures uploaded by family n friends.huuuu

My reception went did the solemnization. Although it took the 3rd time to get 'sah' status. Not that the groom was nervous but my Abah.hahha yes he solemnised the event himself.

Alhamdulillah i'm a wife now.still getting a hang of it though i did slack off sometimes.hehe i'm lucky and blessed to have a man who never asks me to change.i still can fart in front of him if i want.hahaha

Thanks to 2 bridesmaids ieer and sally who were there all the time.i cant repay you's the love from you that made me a happy bride.

To mak abah n ummi,i'll remember all the advices and will keep you all in my prayer.

To my crazy siblings,thank u for all the efforts for the wedding. I really appreciate it.sayaaanggggg korang!

To relatives from kedah,spore,pahang perak, u guys rockkss!everytime i look at the pictures.whre all of u looked so happy on that day,it bring tears to me.that everyone was enjoying every moment.mmmuuaahh!!

Family in law,thank thank thank thank youuu for making all the efforts to come to the wedding. It's great to hve such a close tight family and i'm proud to be on board!

Banyak sangat nak terima kasih.but from the bottom of my heart i am.very thankful to everyone for making my big day you muchhh!!

See u in a week. XOXO
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bulk update.

              as the day is around the corner, my colleagues in school have become so excited. yeah I know it's supposed to be me.hahaha but honestly, I dont feel the excitement yet. and please dont ask me why. Months ago I tot I would be overwhelmed with excitement at least a month before the wedding but to date, I have not. weird huh?

              Today my bridal shop came to set up my dais. It's a bit too large I think. But oh well. I think it's for a reception in a hall.not home. In the process of setting up, I was asked by the pondan about this and that. He suggested few things and I would agree to everything. Then he said 'Ko nak kawen ke tak ni dik??? Semua okay je??? hahahahaha but seriously, there's nothing not to be ok about. After they were done, my mom served them with ice cold drinks and banana fritters. One of the pondans said: 'Nak tau, kalo aku dpt semua customer macam ko memang meriah hidup aku. tak banyak songeh. semua ok je.'

annnddddd later he continued 'sebab ko tak banyak songeh, banyak benda aku kasi free je kat ko'

that's the part i like.muahahahahahahahahahahahaha

It's maybe my rezeki. I got a brand new dais chair, brand new dais, brand new guest tents. Rezeki or what?

At the moment of typing this, I'm tired. So tired that my body aches. That's why I was lectured today with the akak2 at school for not taking leave starting from tomorrow. I'll be on leave starting on Friday.hehe I need rest. I'm tired not from the wedding stuffs but school related.huhu

See you around.
Monday, May 21, 2012

First wedding gift

The other day, one of my colleagues presented a round silver box on my table,which she claimed as poa wedding gift.hehe the truth is she has just moved ipinto a new house and the house couldn't fit all her china. So she let go one of those.hehe

It is a teacup set, silver plated hoccay. She bought it when she was residing in France 2years ago.

So if u stop by my house, i'd serve you using those.muehehe
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A week

My wedding is in a week. And because of that, the whole family is getting busy. or appear to look busy.hehe

My mom has been the bone behind all this. She has started getting sleepless, worrying about petty things like the windows havent been cleaned, or Abah's bike hasnt been move to a different spot or the flower pots are still at the same position.hahaha Since yesterday, she would nag about things but unfortunately, abah, daus and I would just go on living our lives. ok jahat gile.

While typing this, mom is vacuuming the prayer room. I could see she is uneasy looking at me, having breakfast while watching the final episode of How I Met Your Mother on the laptop. well mom....I'm just being me. The wedding is in a week. there's still time =p

Right after this looonnggg breakfast session, am gonna focus the attention to the bedroom. we need to do some rearranging. and cleaning.

what else eh? we are done sending out all the invitations to colleagues, family friends, neighbours, relatives and the villagers. I'm excited!!

Wedding is  tiring. I'm glad that I'm going through it right now where my parents are around, money is reachable and everyone mostly likely would come. Alhamdulillah =)

I cant wait to splurge my salary to something else instead the wedding. Cant wait!!!

FYI, if you havent gotten married or planning to, save save save. You wont stop spending until after the wedding is over. There's always a thing that need to be bought, EVERYDAY!

See you around =)
Thursday, May 17, 2012


Holla people. How ya doing?hehe

Life is treating me good. Just today I became a bijun - widely used in the school for Bidan Terjun. I was a bijun for an emcee-ing job for a workshop. I was dumbfounded when I found out the speaker is a orang puteyyyy. I knew I could but if they told me earlier, I would be so much prepared.hahaha I was given emcee jobs for few times already but this was the first for a native speaker. 

I prepared a simple script but as I was nervous, I didnt even peep at the notes. I babbled, stumbled and stuttered.muahahahah but I survived. that's the most important part.

Anyhoo, I think I did well till the last part where I made an announcement in Malay. Asking the teachers to return the evaluation form. Instead of saying 'Borang', I said 'BOLANG'!!! Hambek kauuuu sampai balik kena usik bolang bolang by the teachers =.='

As for the preparation, I think everything has gone well. Last Tuesday, my vendor sent over the stuffs for the dais. Next week they will come to set it together with tent and.....emmm..... cannot remember la. too many things.

Between work and wedding prep and fighting with parents for ideas and meself, I enjoy the whole process.

Lower 6 group has registered last week. and i'll have about 80 students for MUET. APUUUUUU!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day

There was an announcement today, made by our school counsellor. Teachers were to go to the office and receive a rose.

I did. after the school ended. It was a token of appreciation from INTI College for all the teachers. Thank you INTI!!

A red Rose =)

Thanks to you too INTI

Quickly I tore the wrapper and placed the rose into a mineral water. 
Our school theme this year is Blue and Yellow. Still deciding what to wear.
Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lovely Day

Today, I escorted 5 students to this Program Kembara Setem, organised by Pos Malaysia and KPM. I didnt expect anything. Just a normal task being a teacher. We walked from school to Museum Stamp. around 2KM to and fro. Phewww!

The thorns among the roses. 65 students only 5 males.hahaha You should see their nervousness, panicked face and fidgety bodies when the girls sat on the row behind us.haahahahahaha

Anyhoo, apart from speeches from speakers, the students were asked to watch a short film about the history of stamp in Malaysia. Other students from other schools were busy jotting down the notes and what nots. My boys..... one of them was sleeping.the rest were either talking to each other or texting. =____='

but! Unexpectedly, we won.hahahahah they were given 5 questions to answer and apparently the boys answered all correctly.hahahha So automatically, our school will be presenting the state for we-dont-know-what competition.hahaha during the competition briefing, I was facebooking, they were being boys.hahaha I didnt at all expect we would win so...

 One of the boys was being interviewed by RTM. =))

And, for the winner, apart from receiving books, stamps collection, certificate, we were given free token to have our picture on the stamps. including me the teacher. mueheheheheheheheh

You know how hard it was to pose while 5 boys teased you?haha I looked chubby here. Those stamps can be use but I'm gonna keep it safely.

The envelope. If you are interested, you can have yours for RM19.

I love unexpected win. Definitely it made my day =)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


After school today, I went straight to Jusco. I didnt know why. I wanted to ease my mind so badly.

15 minutes in Jusco you could already see me with a plastic bag with a shoe box inside it. I bought a pair of shoes. and till now, still figuring out why.

Then I walked around. I almost, ALMOST enter a saloon to fix my hair. Out of a sudden. Then few minutes later, again I almost get manicure and pedicure. In the end, I bought pizza for mak and abah.

I think  my mind is a bit tangled right now.heh

I'm going to Terengganu this weekend. Still finding whether I'm excited or not.haha

I have learned to ignore wolf whistle or name calling from the students. I have stopped being nice, but not completely. I have exercised strict face. I will stop being too lenient.

Teacher's Day is next week. And we teachers have to perform a very lame drama. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Plan a wedding, then you;ll understand.

Small heart incident these few days.

I created a FB invite last month. I have checked gazillion times on my friends list to make sure I didnt leave any friend uninvited. I am 100% that I have invited everybody except my relatives (relatives are need FB invite)hehe

Even so, some people claim I didnt invite them. If you said it nicely, I would just let this go. But the words were hurtful. I did invite you. It's just that you missed the notification. Pastu bila dah malu marah-marah you declined the invitation and diam seribu bahasa. Sedih I hoccay.

Another one is about wedding card invitation. I have been collecting addresses to send out the invitation since the day I created FB invite. Some did reply. Some didnt. I couldnt wait forever for all the addresses because the wedding is in 3 weeks time. So  I posted few cards first. Itupun ada jugak cerita tak sedap sampai telinga haku yang kecik nih. Saying I didnt invite bla bla bla all those kind of bullshit.


waaaaaaaaaaaaa sakit jiwa tau tak.

And lemme remind you. I have friends. My parents too have friends. So do my siblings. Can you imagine how many addresses I have to collect? CAN YOU?? Besides, if you dont have the card also you are invited to come. My wedding is just a simple kampong style. No need to show id, invitation etc. DATANG JE SUDEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

And apart from thinking all those wedding nonsense, I have school work to do too. I only have few hours a day to settle all the wedding preps. Bukan haku ngadap 24 hours benda2 nih.

OK. I feel better now. To you, tak nak datang sudah. Semoga jodoh anda sampai cepat dan merasalah pengalaman ini Makseh!

p/s Belum invite colleagues lagi T__T

Monday, May 7, 2012

Face expression

I had my niece and nephew around last week. They entertained me greatly. The sound of them calling me 'Alang' is like a soothing music to my ear. I miss em' babies =)

My niece has thousands of face expression. She loves to pose in front of the camera. Only that when you hit the capture button, sometimes the picture that you capture might no be the same as what she posed for earlier. 

She was smiling seconds before i pressed the capture button =.=

Smile =)

Her eyes were much bigger before.haha

But.......... I couldnt help but laugh so hard till my mom and abah became curious. It's because









Ikhaaaaaaaa y u liddat oneeeee??hahahha she was smiling sweetly before I told her to look at the camera.hahahahhahahahahahahha

3 weeks before I get to see you again =)
Sunday, May 6, 2012


My parents are busy or appear to be busy these few days. Cleaning, rearranging, complaining, cutting, painting and the list goes on.

Yesterday Abah cut down few bamboo trees in front of our house. They are getting too big and mom is scared we cannot fit the tents.haha

Abah in the process of cleaning.

If only we know what can we do with those...

Mom has been nagging about preparing the cards for my colleagues. Today I gave in to her request and started cutting and pasting the name list on the envelope. Mom was right. I took it was a simple thing to do but I took almost 2 hours to settle it. But, it's done! yeay. Gonna start inviting starting 14 May.muehehe

Saturday, May 5, 2012


I love the days where I have extra work or assignments to do. So that I could stop my thoughts from wandering and me end up getting hurt. School is treating me good except for a few who seem to enjoy sucking my pride and patient. Apart from that. I'm getting tired with students who treat me like a random girl outside of the classroom. like some girl they can hit on. Wolf whistling or name calling have become a must-do whenever they see me. The other day, I was annoyed and said: Korang ni kat zoo ke? Macam monyet menjerit-jerit dgn visitors? Apparently, they hated it but I couldnt care less. 

Our photographer in Sibu bailed on us, 4 weeks before the reception. Right now, we are in the middle of searching a new one. It's almost impossible to get a good photographer + good price + good package. ALMOST. 

haish. penat nak taip. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

wedding button badge

I have been thinking about a signature thing to use for my family during my wedding reception.

I thought of using the traditional flower with money on it but.....

We had green boutonniere during my bros' wedding. 

Then I googled and got the idea of using felt and create felt flowers but...

Then my head went 'tinggg!' with ideas to use tissue to make carnation tissues but....

Then and then and then.... all excuses. haha

Until 2 weeks ago I got some spare time to visit bride-to-be blogs.hehe thennnnnn I got the idea. TING TING TING TING

to use botton badges! hoyyyeaaaahhh.

Actually this idea came across my mind last year but I rubbed it off because I thought mom would go against untraditional thing. But earlier this year, my bro and sis in law attended a wedding in Kelantan and told me about using badges as they had seen it at the wedding. Mom seemed ok with the idea. usual....  Procrastination is my best friend.

Anyhoo, i placed an order at wee hour in the morning before I got off to work. Around 5.30 am I think. I received a reply and the story goes on. In 2 days, we settled with the final design etc and I made payment. All in 3 days.hehe

So today I got home. Mom said there's a parcel for me. I was thinking 'ok what have I bought this time??"hahahaha kes online shopping tak sedar diri. I tore open the parcel and waaaaaaaaaaaa my badges are here!!!!!!!!!  I totally forgot about it.muehehehehe

I only ordered 20 pieces for my family. Couldnt afford to order for my extended family... Would love to though....

  I plan to collect it back after the wedding and have it framed.hehe Saw one of the brides did this and I want it too. Kenangan hoccayyyy!

url inserted.

Anyhoo, have a great week ahead. 3 weeks bebeH!!!!
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Of Wedding Blog

A long time ago, I thought of transforming my blog or creating a new blog just to keep track of my wedding preparation. But as time went by, I realised I wasnt suit to have any wedding blog mainly because I dont think I'm creative or will create anything wow-wy or.... ok plain said, it would be boring.

But guess who is soooo excited than me???

MY ABAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I was busy the whole day since the netball practice for  state level competition has just started. I got home and logged into FB as usual. My top story was about my dad inviting friends and relatives to my wedding. Little did I know he created a BLOG just for it!!!hahah

What are so funny about it?

1. The fact that he created a blog just for my wedding. Though it makes me shy shy but deep down I'm so touched. =)

2. He posted about my bio.hahah macam nak promote anak but anak yang dah nak kawen.hhehe

3. He even put up wedding countdown hoccayyyy!!!! I have mine too but it's counting by days/months. My dad's - by seconds too!! Lagi semangat.

4. The blog address is so personal. Go visit!

5. Abah made few errors. Example: Saiful FITRI instead of Saiful FIKRI. hahahahahah son in law punya nama pun salah daaa...

It's a sweet gesture from a father to daughter. I lapp u abah!

The only thing is that he used the picture during my E-day. Have I told you that I dont like me in that picture?hhaha

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I went for a quick brunch with my cousin at Starbuck the other day. Had red velvet whoopie pie with caramel something.

It's my second time at Starbucks in my 25years of living. I still think it's overrated.miahahaha

Anyhoo, the pie tasted like biskut bun. Childhood biskut with a nipple. Hehehehe only my pie cost a snack.plate.
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