Sunday, May 20, 2012

A week

My wedding is in a week. And because of that, the whole family is getting busy. or appear to look busy.hehe

My mom has been the bone behind all this. She has started getting sleepless, worrying about petty things like the windows havent been cleaned, or Abah's bike hasnt been move to a different spot or the flower pots are still at the same position.hahaha Since yesterday, she would nag about things but unfortunately, abah, daus and I would just go on living our lives. ok jahat gile.

While typing this, mom is vacuuming the prayer room. I could see she is uneasy looking at me, having breakfast while watching the final episode of How I Met Your Mother on the laptop. well mom....I'm just being me. The wedding is in a week. there's still time =p

Right after this looonnggg breakfast session, am gonna focus the attention to the bedroom. we need to do some rearranging. and cleaning.

what else eh? we are done sending out all the invitations to colleagues, family friends, neighbours, relatives and the villagers. I'm excited!!

Wedding is  tiring. I'm glad that I'm going through it right now where my parents are around, money is reachable and everyone mostly likely would come. Alhamdulillah =)

I cant wait to splurge my salary to something else instead the wedding. Cant wait!!!

FYI, if you havent gotten married or planning to, save save save. You wont stop spending until after the wedding is over. There's always a thing that need to be bought, EVERYDAY!

See you around =)
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