Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drowned in love


Our modem was struck by lightning on Saturday night.hence the silence. I'm dying to update this blog and reply fb wishes and comment on all the pictures uploaded by family n friends.huuuu

My reception went did the solemnization. Although it took the 3rd time to get 'sah' status. Not that the groom was nervous but my Abah.hahha yes he solemnised the event himself.

Alhamdulillah i'm a wife now.still getting a hang of it though i did slack off sometimes.hehe i'm lucky and blessed to have a man who never asks me to change.i still can fart in front of him if i want.hahaha

Thanks to 2 bridesmaids ieer and sally who were there all the time.i cant repay you's the love from you that made me a happy bride.

To mak abah n ummi,i'll remember all the advices and will keep you all in my prayer.

To my crazy siblings,thank u for all the efforts for the wedding. I really appreciate it.sayaaanggggg korang!

To relatives from kedah,spore,pahang perak, u guys rockkss!everytime i look at the pictures.whre all of u looked so happy on that day,it bring tears to me.that everyone was enjoying every moment.mmmuuaahh!!

Family in law,thank thank thank thank youuu for making all the efforts to come to the wedding. It's great to hve such a close tight family and i'm proud to be on board!

Banyak sangat nak terima kasih.but from the bottom of my heart i am.very thankful to everyone for making my big day you muchhh!!

See u in a week. XOXO
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