Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lovely Day

Today, I escorted 5 students to this Program Kembara Setem, organised by Pos Malaysia and KPM. I didnt expect anything. Just a normal task being a teacher. We walked from school to Museum Stamp. around 2KM to and fro. Phewww!

The thorns among the roses. 65 students only 5 males.hahaha You should see their nervousness, panicked face and fidgety bodies when the girls sat on the row behind us.haahahahahaha

Anyhoo, apart from speeches from speakers, the students were asked to watch a short film about the history of stamp in Malaysia. Other students from other schools were busy jotting down the notes and what nots. My boys..... one of them was sleeping.the rest were either talking to each other or texting. =____='

but! Unexpectedly, we won.hahahahah they were given 5 questions to answer and apparently the boys answered all correctly.hahahha So automatically, our school will be presenting the state for we-dont-know-what competition.hahaha during the competition briefing, I was facebooking, they were being boys.hahaha I didnt at all expect we would win so...

 One of the boys was being interviewed by RTM. =))

And, for the winner, apart from receiving books, stamps collection, certificate, we were given free token to have our picture on the stamps. including me the teacher. mueheheheheheheheh

You know how hard it was to pose while 5 boys teased you?haha I looked chubby here. Those stamps can be use but I'm gonna keep it safely.

The envelope. If you are interested, you can have yours for RM19.

I love unexpected win. Definitely it made my day =)

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