Wednesday, July 16, 2014

LACTE DUET Breastpump Review

This is a super overdue post but I still have to do it just because my life is boring so erego the long silence.hahaha

It's a review of the fifth breastpump - yea I know. Dah boleh bukak kedai.hahahaha

It started a few months ago i think in early May. I was taking my Spectra S1 out of the car for my usual pump routine in school. I had too many things in my hand and I accidentally slipped off  the bag and it dropped on the road. The sound broke my heart because I knew the damage was done. The impact of the fall made Spectra 'pengsan' coz it just wouldnt turn on.

And as an EP mom where my supply depends so much on the pump, I panic..All bad thoughts started coming in so 1 hour after the incident, I already purchased a new one, through online. I think EP Mom out there can relate to this because the pump is our savior. Without it, how our babies gonna get supply? huhu

So in the quick research for the best and cheap pump, I chose LACTE DUET. Double pump, reviews were good and cheap. But there's no built in battery and it depends on electricity. But i think this year the technology of breastpump has evolved so much that most pumps now are compatible to be used with power bank.hahah

So here is my honest review. As usual, cincai one ok. As long as you get the idea.

  • Double pump. Can be used as single without having to pull out one tube. it has two motors that work for each side. Very suitable for heavy user.
  • Suction: SUPERB. READ THIS, JUST SUPERB! It feels like it's not working but after every session, you'll get a bottle full of milk.
  • Small, light weight, convenience
  • Each session: 30 minutes then it will turn off automatically
  • Worth the money as it costs me only RM450
So, in comparison with all the pumps that I have bought and used for sometimes, here I arrange it starting from the best to the least. Please be reminded that this is my personal opinions so please dont bash me if you disagree.


After almost a year becoming an EP Mom, trying different kinds of pumps, the amount of milk you are producing doesnt depend on what type of pump you are using. It depends on your body. My SIL is using Medela FS and she could get 10oz after 10minutes of pumping. me? 40 mins with FS I could get around 4oz. hoho and also because my supply isnt that much la.hahaha

Ok, let's enjoy the photos

By the way, I bought this from my favourite only store: PumpOntheGo.
For RM450, it came with the free gifts: ziplock bag, cooler bag and ice packs. Totally worth it.

Inside the box. The white cable is the special cable that can be connected to any power bank. =)

The pump: Stimulation function, suction level and the button at the bottom is where you can control whether you want to have double pump or single pump. Very convenient if you are a fan of power pumping.

The power bank. Bought from FabulousMom. This power bank can tahan for 5-6 sessions. not bad huh?

As usual, any further question kindly leave a comment or better, shoot me an email so I can personally reply you

Saturday, July 12, 2014


These 2 handsome dudes here keep me going everyday. Life is tough on me right now but i need to keep going. I know at the end, i will find what ever i was looking for.

Cant wait for 1st syawal where all 3 of us will gather as a family for our first raya ������

Thursday, July 10, 2014

One after another

If one day i were ever to host any top position, i hope i wont be a douche like the boss who has been lying to us close to a year now. And now he's avoiding the fact that it's our right that he had promised a year ago.

In this holy month, I hope God clears your mind so that you can sleep peacefully at night after all the lies and hopes you threw on us.

I'm trying so hard to let this go and redha to all the current happenings i just cant.because we had hope and we trust all the beautiful promises from the boss.

Ramadhan,bring peace to my heart because i'm scared i wont be.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fasting and nursing

This is my first ramadhan as a mom. A nursing mom. And after 11 days I can conclude that, it's exhausting.

No wonder a pregnant/nursing mom has their own rules for fasting. I had always wondered why is there a special rule for this group. Last year, I managed to fast for 30 days despite being pregnant. and I understood why. This year, I have a deeper understanding why nursing moms are special.

Before ramadhan, I asked a colleague how is it to fast as a nursing mom. She told me she'd always feel tired at the end of the day. and i finally understood why.

As milk is made mostly from water, I'm thirsty most of the time. Even at night after buka puasa. I drank gallons of water to replenish and I could say it's still not enough. and as a nursing mom, I burn calories which leads to exhaustion. Everyday I came home feeling super tired and all i wanted to do is to lay on the bed waiting for Maghrib.

No wonder moms are super human. I hope I will be one and stop whining how tired i am.haha

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Another silence. I guess i have lost the touch of blogging.there are just so many things i want to ramble but i think age has made me wiser hence so many things are better keep inside instead of telling the world. Wow! Sound like an auntie here.

Another Ramadhan is here. I was down with bad sore throat on the first day of fasting then fever came then flu and phlegm.

Alhamdulillah today all left except i'm still coughing. Very badly. I was in class teaching today when suddenly the wave of cough hit me. I literally coughed non stop in front of 20 pairs of eyes looking worriedly at ran for about 2 minutes and at then of it i was breathless, watery eyes, red face and hopeless. I wanted to run as far as i can.....ok that's just too dramatic.but i did feel embarrass and vulnerable coz my students got to see that side of me.....haha

Happy Ramadhan peeps ��

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