Sunday, July 31, 2011

salam Ramadhan

It's confirmed that most Muslims around the world are gonna start fasting tmorrow. However Brunei as usual will start the day after which is on tuesday.

Happy ramadhan to all muslims.hopefully this holy month gonna strengthen our faith and will receive much blessings. InsyaAllah.

P/s i couldnt join my family to perform terawikh at the mosque. I can barely walk due to my left foot.almost shed tears everytime i sit for duduk antara dua sujud.super sakit hopefully 2moro my foot will get better.
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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Today i would say my family and i received more blessing than usual. It started off this morning when my cousin dropped by and delivered one whole sack of durians. Imagine this, one sack. My mum, brothers and couldnt wait and cracked open one durian.

The first bite in my mouth made me feel like Hari RAya had arrived early. It's true that we have lotsa durians but how many of them are highly quality? Well this durian did. The flesh was really thick and moist and rich that i needed only one ketul to get full!!

Anyhoo,later that afternoon after fetching my bro and ran some errands i stopped by Domino's Batu Berendam and ordered one whole set for tea. The other day mom paid me for the slides i did for her so i tot why not buy something for the family. Aaanywaaayy this was the first time my family had tasted Domino's. Annnd the slices were all gone in 15minutes. Am happy :-D

I cant wait to start working and give back to my family. I abhor spending away family expenses just like that.

Have a great weekend everyone <3
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Daging salai masak lemak cili padi and anything in between.

Last night I decided to go to the dentist, just to get my teeth checked. This morning, at 7.45am I was already at Pusat Kesihatan Masjid Tanah. Haha super early. I even made one of the nurses screamed because she was too shocked to see somebody suddenly standing in front of her. By the way. the clinic opened at 8am. And of course, I was the first patient of the day. I was called into Exam room one with a covered face dentist. From his voice, I guess he was a handsome young doctor.hahah bole? Anyhoo, I did teeth scaling. In five minutes I was done. Meaning, not much cavity yall!!!

Anyway... today I cooked Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili Padi for lunch. Here's my recipe, modified according to ingredients availability and my own taste.


Beef meat about... a bowl. I just cincai
Turmeric about 1cm - blend
An onion- blend
2 batang of lemongrass - smash a bit
10 biji cili padi - blend
1 packet of coconut milk
1 potato - sliced

Step 1.

Cut the meat. gaulkan with garam and some turmeric powder. Then bakar/ masak

Ekceli, I dont know what salai or bakar is. I assumed like this coz my mum made ikan bakar using this. This is a multipurpose pan. Bakar sampai daging itu kering.

Step 2.

Pour a glass of water into the periuk. then add blended ingredients and lemongrass. And also the meat.

Step 3.

When the water is boiling, add coconut milk. Add some salt.

Step 4:

Wait till your meat really cushy.hahahahahahah bantey ku ajak translate.hahahaha soft la.

I waited about 1 hour because I wanna make sure the meat is really soft.

kgkong goreng belachan

sambal belachannn
Serve while its hot.

Ok I'm so lazy. bye!
Thursday, July 28, 2011

made with love

My third attempt.this one is specially made for B. Because he has always been my inspiration. Muehehehe
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yesterday i was hit by a rumor that we might get posted in Mac 2012. it's like eight months of unemployment...

i dont mind when we'll get posted but i need an official statement from the gov about this situation. so that i can plan my life. if its still long to go, i can find a temporary job.. i dont want to seek jobs only to get posted 2days will be troublesome to the new employer.

if the rumor is true i might reconsider back about the date for the wedding. maybe to postpone it. stress. both me and B are not keen with the idea.we'll see how it goes. who knows suddenly many kindhearted people want to sponsor right?? hehehe

anyhoo, Ramadhan is approaching in 3@4 days. have a blessed month to all Muslims :-)
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blog yang kurang...

digemari oleh aku.

Aku suka baca blog. Terutama blog-blog yang memang addictive. Tak kisahlah blog dalam Bahasa Melayu ke, or Bahasa Inggeris ke or bahasa premons. Aku suka. hehe tapi ada beberapa blog yang aku tak suka atau kurang suka. Kalau tak setuju takpe. aku dah cakap yang aku tak suka, bukan kita tak suka, bukan perempuan tak suka. Eh senang aku spesifik ngan diri aku je.hehe

1. Blog yang post dia balik-balik perempuan seksi, hok terbelah sana sini. Perempuan pose ala-ala sundal bolong. Ai sangat tak suka. Cuba yang korang pose tu adik-adik perempuan korang ke? mak korang ke? Kalau nak post untuk pengajaran takpe. ni saje nak tunjuk tang aset-aset. Sumpah tak pergi lagi. Korang dosa aku pun dosa.


I'm hot!! ssssss~~

2. Blog yang satu page untuk satu post sahaja. Kamonla...kadang-kadang post kau panjang satu ayat je. pastu aku nak kena tekan 'older post' pulak. stress mak tau. blog macam ni aku still visit lagi cuma kurang gemar je la.

stress monyet ni~

3. Aku kadang-kadang suka gak tinggalkan komen. Tapi tak berapa gemar komen yang 'embedded' under the post. Cuba tukar setting jadi pop-up punya. kan senang kalau nak teruskan baca post yang lain. tak caya? cuba intai mana-mana blogger otai. diorang punya komen column sumanya pop-up, bukan embedded.

4. Blog syok sendiri. Dahlah pakai blogspot. pastu letak macam-macam widget. paling banyak muka boifren and girlfriend kat side bar. alahai nye pun. nak bukak blog pon sekian masa terbuang. dahtu pulak letak lagu yang auto play. Post dah menarik dah. tapi bila aku terkejut dgar lagu yang bukan-bukan automatik la aku terus close window.

lebih kurang macam ni muka aku terkejut.hahahahahahah

 Eh tadi macam banyak je. sampai empat isi je. jadila. lepas gak buat karangan Bahasa Melayu kan?hehehe

Harap janganla ada yg terasa ye. Blog aku bukan pemes pon. tapi benda baik kita share la kan??


p/s Pics googled.
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Felt project: Camera cover

Yesterday, I had this idea for my felt project: Camera cover. The original pouch is getting worst so I decide to make a new one using felt fabric. It took few hours to complete because I didnt really plan how it'd look like plus I was busy exploring new phone *ehem*.

Anyhoo, here's the product. It looks weird though =.='

with the camera inside. The smiley thingy is supposed to look cute but look creepy instead~~

My initials of course =)

The inside view

the side view.

Hahaha ok you may laugh all you want. I agree this is very untidy, uncute etc. I will improve!

Note to self:

  1. Plan carefully what design you want. I didnt for this project. I spontaneously cut and sew the pieces. Very the malas..
  2. learn more about color combination. color block may work on people not things.
  3. be more meticulous when sewing. dont make mom shake her head again looking at your work.hahahaha
  4. make with love, not because you're bored. 

Next project: MP3 Cover. hehehe

He gives me the whole Galaxy =)

Yesterday I was hoping to hear any news regarding our posting. Still nothing.

As I was planning for my next felt project, I heard a 'tinnn tinnn' sound in front of our house. Apparently it was a postman. My abah went to receive some letters and a parcel. I innocently asked him who's parcel was that. Abah's answer:

"Sapa lagi kat rumah ni salu dapat bungkusan"

(who else in the house?)


It was from B. I knew he was sending me something. but he refused to tell me what.

I torn open the brown paper wrapper savagely. Then I saw this. Excitement meter increasing. It was an Nokia E5 mobile phone box!!!

savegely unwrapped.haha

it's a phone a phone a phone! *in my heart hysterically*

I kept unwrapping. There's another box inside!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excitement meter increased by 100%!! ! ! !

Then then then then.....

at this time I couldnt content my excitement. I swear that my hands were shaking!! I was damn excited!

it's pearly white!! =)

I was hysterical that I shouted:

Biar betul?

Biar betul weh?

Betul ke ni?



My brother was there. Ask him. Because of my shouting, Umi from next door showed up and asked what's wrong! Sorry Umi =p

Thank you so much B!!! You know how much I want a new phone cause I've been using lame mobile phones from the past 3 years. It meant a lot to me because the phone was wayyyyy out of my expectation.  Thank you thank you thank you. I know you have to listen to my ramblings for buying this phone where we should be saving money and what not but deep down, I'm super happy. thank you thank you thank you! Mulut cakap taknak, tapi hati kata mahu..hehe

B bought 2 sets of this phone for his. We have matching phone!!!

I'm still exploring this phone. I'm one happy fiancee. ngeeeeeeeeee

p/s I made this post just like you asked, B =)
p/p/s To all ladies out there, dont demand things from your partner. When the right times come, he will honestly give you something,hehehehe
Monday, July 25, 2011

testing yo!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011
“Everybody has a secret world inside of them. All of the people of the world, I mean everybody. No matter how dull and boring they are on the outside, inside them they’ve all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds. Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands maybe.” —Neil Gaiman 

I dont know who's Neil Gaiman but he speaks to me yo! He's frogging speaks to me!

My first felt craft! eh car!! =)

I was looking for something to do during holidays. First I thought about baking, hence I joined the cupcake class 2months ago. However, I forgot that the members in my house are not fans of sweet thang. I baked a chocolate cake last time and I ended up eating it alone. Mak and Abah tak sukeee....

So last week I decided to order Felt Starter Kit from this blog: Love The Buttons. Actually the owner was my school friend and room mate when I was in Form 5. I ordered the things on Friday and got the item on Saturday. Super fast!

Felt Starter Kit for Beginner

I fell in love with felt craft after looking at my senior's craft, Kak Asay. She's doing business too using felt fabric. Check her fb out! Or search for 'Asay Craft' on Fb.

Anyhoo, I didnt have time to start with this new project as I was busy editing mum's slides. Since she's paying. cannot do cincai la..hehe...anyhoo, I started with all the searching for ideas, tutorials since yesterday as I completed mom's on Friday. Only today, in the afternoon I got the chance to start.

I even rearranged the furniture in my room, to make some space for my new work place. muehehehehhehe

The table from my practicum room, a bit messy =.='. This is the aftermatch.ngee

After lunch, I had too many ideas to start from: flowers, owl, love, animals etc that got my mind a bit confused. So I asked B what design should I start first and he suggested, Car. I quickly googled and found many ideas for cute felt car =)

The process was simple but I dont have artistic hands so my template for the car a bit uneven =.='. Not just that, I am an amateur at sewing so I took a long time. But hey, I learned a new technique of stitching, Blanket Stitch!!! Here's the tutorial if you wanna try yourself. Another problem was to mix and match which color. Mixing and matching color is one of the key for cute felt craft. I'm not good with color combination. But I choose something that MIGHT be my wedding theme =p

The Blanket stitch. Source

Purple and Baby Blue, can? =)

I know you are dying to see my final product.wahahah perahsantan! Here it is. Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!


I need more practice as my sewing isnt tidy. and the cutting actually wasnt that neat also. Plus, did you see what i see?

The car wheel kinda look like nipples!!!!!!!!!!!

(runs away)

Saturday, July 23, 2011


When some people know that I might be getting married next year, usually their first reactions are:

              Awal giler??? enjoy arr dulu...
             cepat juak kau kawen??

            Really ah?

Is it wrong to get married? Is it wrong doing something good for yourself? Is it fun-less to be halal  legally with your partner?

I'm not saying all. Some. A handful.

Another group react the opposite. Very very happy but they keep my spirit low when I bluredt out my ideas.

      tak cantek ah camni look cheap

      eh...baju nikah simple giler..

     ko tak buat hantaran fresh flower ke?? baru la gempak...

     the only daughter kan? splurge je laa....

If only I have thick face, spending all my parents' money away shamelessly, I would people, I would. I'm still sane. I'm still waiting to get posted for job and do you think with teacher salary and working less than a year I can afford those lavish stuffs?

If only Rafflesia, Jimmy Choo, Crown Plaza Hotel choose to sponsor me than Norman and Memey.

 I'm a minimalist.

Here's my dream wedding. 

1. I want no pelamin/ dais. Just a nicely decorated house with family and friends.
2. I want no henna drawing, just a simple at the tips of my fingers.
3. I want no hantaran, just the ring and mas kahwin.
4. I want no over the top solemnization dress, just Baju Kurung Moden Gaga and tudung bawal is enough.
5. I want no fake lashes (i felt fugly during my e-day), just my short straight lashes coated with mascara.

I'm no cheapskate. Just the thought of splurging too much money at one go scared the frog out of me. I rather spend the money investing on house, honeymoon and food for the guests. Plus I'm a shy shy frog person. I remembered during my E-day, when all eyes were on me, I was sooo shy and nervous. No one knew. My secret, didnt wear my contact lenses so i couldnt see people staring at me. I'm very shy one ok!

But it's impossible I guess. I want to DIY some of the wedding stuffs like my hantaran deco, bunga telur and bedroom. But Mum already memandang enteng my niat suci ini. She said the DIY things wont look good. 

Nanti apa orang cakap... is the most common reason given by mum.

If only those orang sponsor my wedding. Kan?

Heat rash @ Prickly heat

WHY YOU NO GO AWAY?????????!!!!
Friday, July 22, 2011



Akhir-akhir ni banyak berfikir. Eh aku hari-hari berfikir. Tapi yang ini secara serius sampai boleh sakit-sakit kepala.

Baru-baru ni heboh dekat ABF, tempat B kerja, banyak pekerja lulus temuduga untuk bekerja di Emiriah Arab Bersatu. Ye, negara itu membuka sebuah plant fertilizer sebijik macam ABF, waima syarikat yang membina plant itu juga adalah syarikat dari German yang sama. exact location tak berapa sure tp dalam 200km dari Abu Dhabi. Seronok mereka dapat bekerja di sana. Gaji besar. Paling basic 5k tak tambah elaun. paling banyak 18k-20k. sape taknak? B pun meleleh juga, meronta-ronta jiwa hendak ke sana. B cakap pergi sana cuci kaki je. Rumah, kereta, bibik semua ada. Kalau anak-anak sekolah semua dah settle. Nak balik Malaysia? No hal, tiap bulan dapat tiket free. Kereta pulak takde Honda City. Semua main Ferrarri je. Lamborcamgini.

B nak sangat pergi sana. Hari tu masa ada peluang, aku tak bagi B apply. Sebab aku tak nak pindah. Tapi bila fikir-fikir balik, sapa aku nak halang career advancement dia? He's dying to go there MAINLY because of experience. Not because of money. Sebab tu aku rasa bersalah sebab tak suruh dia apply. Housemate B dapat. In 2 months, he will be leaving. Aku tau B mesti jeles.

B said another chance is coming. I ask him to apply this time. But I firmly said that I will not follow. I love my job. walaupun posting pun tak tahu bila T____T. Somehow this situation reminds me of my mom, 15 years ago. Dejavu.

Bayangkan, aku nak ikut B tinggal Sarawak pun mak dah berat hati. Ni pulak pergi ke negara lain.

Tapi yang lawaknya boleh pulak aku terfikir benda ni. My parents moved to Sarawak and I found my soulmate there. If we move to UAE, there's a chance my children will marry Pak pak arab. nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tiba-tiba baru faham perasaan mak.heheheh

Aku harap B akan dapat kerja kat sana. Takpela aku dok kat sini. Kalau mak aku boleh jaga kitorang 5 orang, aku pon boleh jaga anak aku 3 orang.wahahahah

Bunyi aku macam confirm je B akan dpt kerja tu. Aku bersedia dari segi mental dan fizikal. at least tak terkejut beruk kan?

Tajuk asal aku takdir. Point aku, sapa yang tahu takdir dia kan? aku esok lusa punya takdir pun tak tahu lagi.

I made my first Sambal Belacan finally i made my first sambal belacan. I texted Aya for the recipe. I'm loving it =)
Thursday, July 21, 2011

A trip to UKM

Today I woke up early to go to UKM. For a mission: to collect surat pengesahan tamat pengajian and official transcript =) I'm a graduate!

Anyhoo, I opened the eyes at 5.45am and prepared breakfast for the first time for my family. Another weird behaviour that got my parents to raise their eyebrows.hahaha I cooked spaghetti carbonara. This was my 1st attempt and the outcome was not to my liking.

Terlalu cair..... But my brother finished the whole bowl by himself.hehe

This pose was meant for my boyfriend, but...gedik jugak nak letak.hahaha

I left home at 8.30am sharp. Stopped by at our local mini post office to buy pos ekpress envelope so that i could straight away post my friends' stuffs. Unfortunately, only 7 envelopes were available. I need another one! phew.

Then stopped by to fill the gas at Shell then to pump the tyres at Petronas. I know! Why should i stop at 2 different gas station?hahah 

I went out Tol Simpang 4 at 9.05am and arrived at UKM around 10am. This is true. I really keep track of the  time.hehe once in Ukm, i couldnt find a parking space near Cansellori so I had to park at DECTAR. Under the hot blazing sun, I walked to Cansellori, got honked by lorry drivers. teyyyyyybaaaa rasa hot.hahahaha

I helped to pay 2 of my friends' convo fee then headed to level 4, Bahagian Pengurusan Akademik. Took a number and was called straight away. I gave the sweetest smile to the guy there so that he wouldnt be so grumpy processing my demands. There were altogether 9sets of transcripts I'm collecting so need to show good face , no?

The documents were printed right there and then. the transcripts and the official letter were sealed in a brown envelope with ukm headings.

the envelopes =)

Then, I went back to the car, filled in the pos ekspress envelope with the documents, and wrote the addresses. Phew. Once done, I drove around UKM, just to check around, went to Pusanika, to the post office there. There werent many cars around so I got good spot near the entrance =)

It was very quite at Pusanika. Most of the shops were closed.

Hey, this is new.

I bought another envelope. Fill in the details. I asked the kakak where should I submit those envelopes. She said it was outside at the Pusanika Car Park. Please note that I was bathed in my own sweat at this time. This has been the 1st time after sooooo long that I ran chores with my 2 feet.hehehehe

Oily skin due to not being fit =.='

The building in front of Pusat Bahasa bus station is almost done!!!

Later I drove to the faculty, wanted to ask regarding our convo and final sem exam slip. They still dont know the exact date for our convo. Boo HOO..

waited for few minutes to be entertained. Even the faculty office was quite.

Didnt see our file: TESL UKM IPBL

Must take pictures here during convo day.

the parking lot was empty too.

Bye UKM. See you in September!! =)

after that, I drove to Bangi Sesyen 15, wanted to tapau Nasi beryani. I passed by the restaurant. seemed like it was just open. So i waited for 10 minutes. Then only I noticed the banner, hung in front of the restaurant. It said: Tutup dari 11 july - 22 july for renovation.#$%^&*()

favourite restaurant was closed.waaaaa

no caption

i was devastated. so with heavy heart I drove to the heart of bangi, to Yati Ayam Percik to tapau its famous nasi kerabu. I also ordered a set of keropok lekor. This is the closest taste for real keropok lekor. Munched them on the way back to Melaka.

Over fried i think but the taste was still awesome.

the famous nasi kerabu. the chicken wasnt in the picture though..

arrived home, messaged some friends, took shower, then krohhh kroohhh....

I dont know why but I'm feeling so tired. even now. Takkan badan dah berkarat lama tak buat kerja? @.@

anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....I'm gonna be a graduate in September. The 6years journey is moving towards the end. Sob..sob...sob..

Finally I bought a planner. muahahahahahhaha *evil laugh*. 

Not for daily but wedding. Muahahahahahhaha

Everyday, I spent the least one hour, searching and googling for wedding-related info. Sometimes I would stumble upon awesome websites, blogs, forums you name it for wedding ideas. Most of the time I lost the links. Reason being:

I used 2 laptops at home, mom's and mine. Sometime I would bookmark certain pages in my laptop.Sometimes mom's. But I did get confuse whether I've bookmarked the pages or not. That's why some of them got lost. Anyhoo, I bought a planner, so that I can jot down ideas for KIV or already decided =)


This is a small book so that it'll be easier for me to carry around in my handbag. It has few dividers, for hantarans, bridal boutique, bla bla.

I did have one planner for my engagement too and trust me, it helped a lot. To keep track things to be done, bought bla bla.

As the plan will be next year, I couldnt help it but to let my brain to work extra hard finding for ideas. And have you experienced this: suddenly your brain went 'ting' and you got the most fabulous idea but you didnt jot it down because you thought the idea was so fabulous there's no way you would forget it?? I DID! And by the time I got pen and paper to write down my brain went sulking. ceh!

The past few weeks, if you notice we had few Malaysian celebrities tied the knot. Noh & Mizz Nina, Tomok and also Farah AF2. I'm not a fan of Mizz Nina or Noh but I love their wedding. Simple but sweet. I love all M.Nina outfit because they are not sexy, not too tight (even Farah's was too tight). Suka! Tak caya? Pergila ke Beautifulnara.hehehehehee

Ktengsbai =)

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