Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Best friend~

I first met Aya when I was in Form 1. We stayed in the same dorm. Little did I know we are gonna be best friend until now.

Last week, I met her again, after 6 years not seeing each other. She has not changed a bit since I last know her, except much wiser. She has always been the most sensible, wiser, thoughtful among us. And I envy her for her wisdom.

She insisted for me to stay with her. So on Monday, she fetched me at the airport. Of not seeing her for 6 and 1/2 year, I was nervous, did not know what to expect. What if she change? What if she didnt recognize me? A lot of what ifs. I was talking on the phone when I heard someone called my name. It was her, in white with purple flowers baju kurung. She came straight from work. There, oblivious of the surrounding, we were hugging, screaming, laughing. Can you imagine that?  I almost shed my tears of happiness =)).. I was really excited.

She brought me to her house, insisted for me to meet someone that night for dinner. It was her new boyfriend. Yes dear friends, Aya is in love again! She's madly in love, like high school girl in love kinda. So that night, I met Hidayat@ Dayat, Aya's boyfriend. Instantly, we clicked. He's funny, humble and friendly. So Aya, I approve.hehe

Later we got home, we talked non stop, reminiscing the past memories, catching up with new updates. It was fun. And she was the reason I didnt study for my Kissm exam as I was wayyyyyyyy more interested to chat with her. I just hope I pass the exam.

Now that I'm home, I feel lonely again. Do I sound like a lesbian? This is sister's love, people. When I was with her, I did not only share updates, but how I felt, my condition, my worries, my doubts, my uncertainties about people, my future, my impending marriage, my career a lot of thing that I have never shared with anyone else except my boyfriend. It's good to have a friend, which is a girl that know or understand almost 90% if not 100% about how you feel.

And now I'm praying hard that I'll get posted to SMKA TUNAZ or MRSM Kuching so that I can stay with her. Boleh? Tidak pula hatiku berdoa supaya dekat dengan boyfriend?haha

I was wearing 3inches wedges. I was wayy shorter than her.haha

Bye Aya. Till we meet again =))

p/s She's a good cook. She's the reason I gain extra pounds from my Kuching trip. Malar jak majoh ai makan eh.haha


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