Thursday, July 7, 2011

The shy kitten

"Tit tit tit". The sound of the washing machine indicating the clothes were ready to be hung.

I took out the whole lot of yesterdays clean clothes into a yellow basket.

There was a kitten outside the grill, looking at me anxiously. His eyes were hooked at the big yellow basket. He was curious.

I dragged the heavy basket, shoving the grill (yea I'm that jantan) hard. The kitten was astonished by the bumping sound of the door banging the wall.

I took a shirt, followed by pants, underwears hung them one by one until the basket was half empty. I turned to look at the kitten. He was still curious. He must have thought what is this lady doing?

I tried to get to him. He ran, climbing the old plastic chair exposed too much to rain and sunlight, waiting to crumple on the ground.. cewahhhhh bahasa kau ya.

His mother was sleeping on the chair. He hid behind her. I could only see half of his face, his eyes were fixed on me. His brother was lying on the floor, shamelessly sleeping in the most awkward position.

I wondered why wasnt he sleep as well? Continued with the house chores burdened given to me since 2 months ago. After I was done, I looked at the kitten. He was on the floor, walking slowly like a tiger, step by step towards me. His eyes wouldnt let me out of their sight even for a minute. He just declared war to me. I was thinking for a second.

I jerked him. Stomping my right foot on the cemented floor with the most jantan voice I could ever make. Spontaneously, he jumped! Really. And ran away. Me, feels big in the most tiny adult female size laughing and shaking my head. I won. =))))))

p/s no kitty was harm in the making of the scene. He, his mother and brother are wild cats (not the one in High School Musical though), scavenging around our house.

Kamek malu ngn kitak....

p/p/s I must have been so bored to write down this incident in very much detail. Somehow I love it. Feels like I'm writing a narrative essay.hahaha

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