Monday, July 18, 2011

The simplest Roti Jala Recipe =)

Today, I didnt know what had gotten into me that I decided to make Roti Jala for tea. Mom and Abah were quite surprised with my unexpected behaviour.haha Truth is, I felt so in the spirit to cook since bro is home.

I want to share the recipe with you. Thanks to Visha because of her I feel like sharing.hahaha I swear you can prepare and done eating this in less than 30minutes.

Alright. Let's check the ingredients.

From left: Water, an egg, 2 senduk nasi of flour, turmeric powder, a pinch of salt (optional). Pardon the backdrop =.='

The steps:

First: Add flour into the blender, pour some water. Blend.
 Add water if necessary.
Add the egg. Blend some more.
Add some turmeric powder for coloring. You can use coloring stuffs but we all know it's not healthy.hehe
Blend well till to say...not too thick not too light? fluffy la enuff said.hahah

The mixture will look like this. =)

pour some into this....what's this called? Roti Jala stuff la..used to draw the net.haha

Heat the pan with few drops of oil. I know it doesnt look like few drops. Over....

Draw it like in the picture. or any other design you like. If suddenly you are thinking of your boyfriend, feel free to write his name. I didnt though.

Once it's nicely done, flip it into half like the above. Piece of cake. Ceh berlagak.

Then, flip some more, making it look like a quarter. Arrange nicely on the plate. You can opt to roll it or any other you prefer. I'm teaching the easiest way. Eh nope. the easiest way need to flipping or folding.hahaha

This is the last piece. made it into pancake.hehe


Serve it while its hot with curry. I happened to cook chicken curry for lunch.

Happy cooking!

p.s this is my first time making this without mom supervision. And the second time for my whole life. Glad that it turned out ok. They all went safely down to bro's, mom's and abah's stomach. I ate only few pieces. I was feeling full seeing my family eating my cooking.hehehehe


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