Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At the heaviest....


I guess most of my ex classmates are battling against weight gain. Bit happy since I believe I'm not alone.

For a month, I have been watching about everything I eat.

I eat small portion for each meals.

No snacks allowed.

I took dinner as early as 5.30pm.

Yet I keep gaining more and more fat meat.

Yesterday, I went to Grandma's house since my uncles and aunties from Singapore came back.

First words uttered were: Haih dah tombam budak nia hah!

If you can read with Malaccan accent, it is more painful to hear =p.

Yet they kept shoving me with food. Makteh forced  asked me to finish all Maklang's marble cake, then Pak Ngah bought me ayam percik though I refused it, then today MakTeh cooked the sinful briyani which I helped myself with 2 servings. aieywtuyrawyuiyua!

And now with durians literally flooding in our kitchen. How la?

Speaking of durians, I feel guilty every time I let my tongue tastes the juiciest, creamiest, sweetest durian. I now they give me gas and fat but somehow the season comes only once a year. Why bother??

Sabau eh la.....

I need to work. Main reason is because I cant bear to gain more. Ye la tu.... Last time for 2 months practicum, I lost 4kgs. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?????? -- Ok emos.

I need to lose at least 10kgs. 10kgs mean 5months of working. I need no spare tyres for wedding.

Ok. Dah.

Feel much better now.


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