Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pameran Perkahwinan Terbesar Negeri Melaka Julai 2011

Amik kau tajuk panjang berjela.hewhew.

Yesterday I was browsing through online blogs till I saw an advert. It was about PAMERAN PERKAHWINAN TERBESAR NEGERI MELAKA JULAI 2011. Ok dah sila diam!

So, being shy shy cat, I asked mom:

Me: Mom, are you free next week?

Mom: yezzaaaa.

Me: can we go to the pameran perkahwinan terbesar negeri melaka julai 2011?

Mom: Say what????

Me: Pameran perkahwinan terbesar negeri melaka julai 2011. U wanna come wimme?

Mom: Where?

Me: Dataran Pahlawan.Later we can cekidaut the vendors: bridal, catering, photographer bla bla (seducing mom)

Mom: OOO ok. good good. can cekidaut more choices la hoh.

Me: So we good?

Mom: yerrpppp~

Ok the dialog didnt go exactly like above.hahahahaha 

This is my first time going for pameran like this. I donno what to expect. The reason to go is to find out more about the wedding vendors in Melaka. Melaka isnt like KL where most vendors advertise their services through the net. Melaka a bit kebelakang in the sense of marketing. Some got but even that most of it are not updated.

So all the brides and grooms to be, come drag your partner and join the carnival eh salah. the exhibition. 

Let's go to the mall everybadieeyyyhhhh!!!!! (Robin Sparkle style)

The banner.

p/s I am super active right now. Dunno why.

p/p/s How I wish B is here. PJJ~~~~~~~

p/p/p/s Going out with mum is fun!


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