Saturday, July 23, 2011


When some people know that I might be getting married next year, usually their first reactions are:

              Awal giler??? enjoy arr dulu...
             cepat juak kau kawen??

            Really ah?

Is it wrong to get married? Is it wrong doing something good for yourself? Is it fun-less to be halal  legally with your partner?

I'm not saying all. Some. A handful.

Another group react the opposite. Very very happy but they keep my spirit low when I bluredt out my ideas.

      tak cantek ah camni look cheap

      eh...baju nikah simple giler..

     ko tak buat hantaran fresh flower ke?? baru la gempak...

     the only daughter kan? splurge je laa....

If only I have thick face, spending all my parents' money away shamelessly, I would people, I would. I'm still sane. I'm still waiting to get posted for job and do you think with teacher salary and working less than a year I can afford those lavish stuffs?

If only Rafflesia, Jimmy Choo, Crown Plaza Hotel choose to sponsor me than Norman and Memey.

 I'm a minimalist.

Here's my dream wedding. 

1. I want no pelamin/ dais. Just a nicely decorated house with family and friends.
2. I want no henna drawing, just a simple at the tips of my fingers.
3. I want no hantaran, just the ring and mas kahwin.
4. I want no over the top solemnization dress, just Baju Kurung Moden Gaga and tudung bawal is enough.
5. I want no fake lashes (i felt fugly during my e-day), just my short straight lashes coated with mascara.

I'm no cheapskate. Just the thought of splurging too much money at one go scared the frog out of me. I rather spend the money investing on house, honeymoon and food for the guests. Plus I'm a shy shy frog person. I remembered during my E-day, when all eyes were on me, I was sooo shy and nervous. No one knew. My secret, didnt wear my contact lenses so i couldnt see people staring at me. I'm very shy one ok!

But it's impossible I guess. I want to DIY some of the wedding stuffs like my hantaran deco, bunga telur and bedroom. But Mum already memandang enteng my niat suci ini. She said the DIY things wont look good. 

Nanti apa orang cakap... is the most common reason given by mum.

If only those orang sponsor my wedding. Kan?


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