Friday, July 8, 2011

Ghost??!! *gasp*

I went downtown Alor Gajah as my dad instructed me to get my bro's ID card. I was aware that I did not display the parking coupon since the last sheet had been scratched. I quickly went to the office, retrieved the ID, went to a bookshop next to the office and purchased the coupon booklet. Then a minute was spent in 7E, bought 2 yougurt drinks. And ran back to the car. These all happened in less than 10 minutes.

As I walked to the car,  my eyes were searching for any notes slipped under the wiper. There it was. A hot pink note.


I took the slip, checked on the detail. I looked at the time. it said: 10.52AM.

Turned my eyes to my wrist watch. 10.52AM exactly.

I looked around, tried to find the ghost who left the pink note.

No one was around.


Not angry at the ghost. But meself. I must have missed him by seconds only.


Drove to Majlis Perbandaran Alor Gajah, about 50m away.

I am RM5 poorer.

I shouldnt have stopped at 7E. But needed the yougurt drink since you know why.

Good think, once I reached home, toilet was the first thing I headed to. Guess the yougurt drink works! hahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahaha

ok diam!


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