Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In life

I've been living this world for 24 years and I've many people who have walked in my life. And I'm anticipating more people to walk, to leave their foot prints or just dog poop on my door step.

Some people are happy with what you achieve.
Some people are jealous with what you have.
Some people couldnt care less whether you are there or not.

I'm trying not to care so much about the last 2 groups but focusing on the first one. So far, excluded family members, I only know few or a handful of them.

I'm no superstar. 
I'm not Siti-Nurhaliza- pretty, or Kim-kardashian bodylicious type of girl, I'm just beauty-me. 
I'm not rich. I'm just grateful of what I have.
I'm certainly not a gourmet chef. I'm just a girl whom life depends largely on cook book. 
I'm not popular, but happy in my own cubby hole.
I dont have high self esteem, but climbing the ladder slowly.

That's why I cannot understand why certain people who cannot sit calmly and let me live my life. I'm certain, for the past 2months, I have disconnect 80% of my life, mingling with people. I even disable comment on my blog because I'm letting myself to see things just from my point of view, at least for the time being. Yet they still try in many ways to make me feel down. Why oh why?

I made mistakes and I learn from it. I try not to involve too much with people who like talk bad about other people. The most I would do is listen. Because what goes around comes around. I learn from the past that what you did to others will eventually come and get you. Not just get you, but slap you real hard in the face that make you hard to swallow your food. This happened to me and definitely I dont want the banana to fruit two times.

So for you, just leave me alone. I'm not worthy of your time. Find other people that you can smack their faces whom will keep standing like a durian tree. I'm not. I will fall and run back to my boyfriend. Okies?


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