Tuesday, July 26, 2011

He gives me the whole Galaxy =)

Yesterday I was hoping to hear any news regarding our posting. Still nothing.

As I was planning for my next felt project, I heard a 'tinnn tinnn' sound in front of our house. Apparently it was a postman. My abah went to receive some letters and a parcel. I innocently asked him who's parcel was that. Abah's answer:

"Sapa lagi kat rumah ni salu dapat bungkusan"

(who else in the house?)


It was from B. I knew he was sending me something. but he refused to tell me what.

I torn open the brown paper wrapper savagely. Then I saw this. Excitement meter increasing. It was an Nokia E5 mobile phone box!!!

savegely rape...eh unwrapped.haha

it's a phone a phone a phone! *in my heart hysterically*

I kept unwrapping. There's another box inside!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excitement meter increased by 100%!! ! ! !

Then then then then.....

at this time I couldnt content my excitement. I swear that my hands were shaking!! I was damn excited!

it's pearly white!! =)

I was hysterical that I shouted:

Biar betul?

Biar betul weh?

Betul ke ni?



My brother was there. Ask him. Because of my shouting, Umi from next door showed up and asked what's wrong! Sorry Umi =p

Thank you so much B!!! You know how much I want a new phone cause I've been using lame mobile phones from the past 3 years. It meant a lot to me because the phone was wayyyyy out of my expectation.  Thank you thank you thank you. I know you have to listen to my ramblings for buying this phone where we should be saving money and what not but deep down, I'm super happy. thank you thank you thank you! Mulut cakap taknak, tapi hati kata mahu..hehe

B bought 2 sets of this phone for his. We have matching phone!!!

I'm still exploring this phone. I'm one happy fiancee. ngeeeeeeeeee

p/s I made this post just like you asked, B =)
p/p/s To all ladies out there, dont demand things from your partner. When the right times come, he will honestly give you something,hehehehe


B said...

love you...=)

Nurul Razak said...

love u more.hehehe

Sue Andy's said...

mek suke noks

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