Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Review- ROJAK: Bite sizes story by Amir Muhammad.

Amir Muhammad has always been my favourite Malaysian writer because his works are always fresh, mind-opening, witty and funny. However, there are many of his works I'm yet to read. I need more money baby to afford the books.

Anyhoo, the last day I was in Kuching, I bought his latest work, ROJAK!! It's his most creative work so far, in my opinion.

The front cover is in HOT PINK!!!

The illustration by Chin Hew. Cute!

Rojak is made up from many-many short stories combined in producing the book. What I love about it is it's indeed bite size stories since all the short stories are 2-pages long ONLY! the idea is to write not more than 1600 words per story and he did stick around the characters.I love it because sometimes when I'm reading something, then have to do some other things for a while, I have to pause reading. Then when I get back to the book, 80% of the story line has already been forgotten. Did you experience that??  I love it love it  love it!

The second thing I love about this piece is the short stories of course. They evolve around the notion of Malaysians daily routine, some that I did not expect but truly overwhelming in a sense that we do live among many people, so everyone has different stories to tell.

Like Amir has put it, this book taste can be sweet, juciy, spicy, tart or crunchy. Malaysian flavourss indeed.

Among the short stories, the one I really love is the first one in the book. It's set in Al-Arqam settlement in the 1980s. It's about a boy observing the love between his parents where his father recognised his mum's slippers. They were at a mosque by the way. His mum's slippers were facing the mosque entrance. His father turned the slippers to face the other way so it'd be easier for his mum to slip in when she walked out of the mosque. and the boy's words touched my heart,

'It was at that precise moment that i realised my parents were in love'

This story reminds me of my parents, I never hear them saying I love you towards each other, but i've witnessed many acts of love from both of them. awww....

This is the story. Love it to bits!

Altogether, I would rate this book 9/10 because it's quite pricy for me as I'm not working =p. The content is good. Know what, I finished reading this 143pages book in 2 hours - my plane ride from Kuching to KL. Must be something because I couldnt put this book away even for seconds.

If you are looking for something light, entertaining, real-like, this book is a must-have for everyone. Go get it!!!!!

p/s now, who wants to give me the rest of Amir's book? =p


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