Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crying inside but laughing out loud.

My skin is very sensitive to many things. Brass/plastic/ anything other than gold or silver accessories, dirty water, dirty floor and even turmeric. But they are ok with chillies.

For the past few months, the skin on my both legs, have been giving me hard times. They are itchy if not painful. But most of the time, the itchiness made me gone crazy. However for now, the bacteria has found their favourite place which is the foot sole. They have been there for almost 2 months now.

I;ve gone to the best doctor - i assume because it's the most expensive clinic in town yet nothing has changed. I'm tempted to go to the specialist but in my condition, I cant afford the fee.

The pain gives me bad mood most of the time. Easily irritated by small matters. There was one time I felt like slicing the skin - i'm not kidding because it was extremely itchy and the medicine didnt work.

I need a job fast so that I can go to the specialist and mend my mengada feet =(.


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