Wednesday, November 27, 2013

mini me

Hi, this is me carrying my mini me. 

We will fly to Bintulu later today. 

Will come home in 2 weeks. 

Once in Bintulu kehnot bloh.

Wait for me okeh!
Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shop at Namdaemun Market and our first Korean Meal

Gituuuuhhhhh panjang title.haha

After we settled with check-in, our tour guide let us rest for a while before heading to Namdaemun. First day oredi brought us to shop, had to be very frugal.hoho

We joined another Malaysian family to the market as a big group. The feeling of meeting another malaysians fella in a stranger land was indescribable.hehe

Namdaemun Market as stated in our itinerary:

"No introduction is needed,this is the place where you can find almost everything that you need especially clothes,key chain,kimchi and brooch.Tourist come here everyday to spend their money as the price here is very reasonable and the choices are variety"

This place is hugeeee. If you are a brooch lover, this place will make you go nuts! I didnt though. Bought a few only for SIL and my mom.

Home stuffs

Get your souvenirs here because I was told if you buy it from other place, the price is slightly different. That bulk that B was holding cost 10k Won = RM30. Mahal jugok le sebenau eh

The unni who was super nice to us =). When she noticed that I was pregnant, she got even excited.haha

Here is like our Jalan Masjid India, KL.

Regret not buying any those cute clothes for Min. We were just told about Min's gender before we left for Seoul, scared the gender might change so we didnt by hoo Amik gambar saje laaa

Very cheap here compared to Malaysia. We shopped this junks on the last night we were there, just to spend the remaining moolah.Junks coz I havent used them at all.haha

It was the uncle who offered to take picture with him. He's selling I love Korea shirt.haha he knows a lil bit of bahasa melayu like murah, 10 ringgit...

I noticed the ajuhmma here cooked every where.hoho maybe because it was cold, they had steamboat even at open space like this.

At first glance, he looked like that red-haired guy from 2pm.hahah this is a stall selling a sort of cake made of rice flour. Made on the spot youu. Diorang pintal doh tu sampai jadi halus pastu buat kuih. eh tah caner nak explain hahah. I think he saw me covering my head, he instantly said 'halal, halal' haha

Again, very sporting seoul folks =)

Shopped for Kpop poster for le sister. forgot the price oredi. This is one of the many shops selling idol stuffs. so if you are into korean idols, you'd go crazy!

Now, after spending some moneyhhh, it's time to eat.

At the subway station. I was really exhausted and was very moody. Didnt sleep and had to walk miles to the destination. I was pregnant remember? and oh not to forget, hadnt eaten since we arrived in Seoul...

Yeayy finally, fooooddddddddddddddddd!

Green tea. kat sini toksahla carik teh tarik ka, juice ka. Semua tu carik kat coffee shop. Kedai makan dia hidang green tea/ air kosong.

Simple but extremely sedappp! That kimchi, nothing like what i've tasted in Malaysia. Sedap gilerrr!

Ala-ala sambal sotong kitewww


This post got super long. Pardon all the grammar and tunggang-langgangness. I dont have the time to edit. hoho
Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Min Diesel

Alhamdulillah, Minmin was born with thick black hair.


Fresh from Mommy's oven =)

We had been searching for people to shave his head to a baldy coz we were to chicken to do it ourselves.hahaha Apart from it being a sunnah to Muslim, I really wanted to see him bald at least once in his lifetime. Coz who knows he might decide to keep long hair for the rest of his life.hehehe

Anyhoo, since we chicken-ed out, Minmin lived with his thick black hair till a few days ago.

He was sort of cranky one late afternoon. So when Mom told me she wanted to go get a haircut at our kampung hair salon, I insisted to tag along. Just to let him breath fresh since he was confined in the house for almost a week already.

The auntie recognised me straight away because I was her regular customer before I started working. Nampak tak tak mampu gi salon mahal??hahah She was a bit surprised that I am married and brought a baby to her salon. Needless to say, she was instantly hooked to Minmin. Gewamm auntie tau!

After Mom got her haircut, the auntie came to Min and stroked his hair. THen she asked

'Kau tamau kasi komando ka?'

I was blur. Komando? Botak? oooo
So I explained to her our trouble. She let out a small laugh then said 'Aku boleh buat maa...semua baby kat sini aku buat"

So, cut story short, Min is a baldy now. As much as I love and miss his hair, I have to say he is much cuter being a baldy.hahahah

Few hours before.....

and now...

Why mommy whyyyyyyy????? hahah

And today...

Yo, I'm Min Diesel =)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our temporary home in Seoul for 6days 5 nights.....

If you plan to go to Seoul, and planning to stay for a few days there, guesthouse would be the best choice since a hotel room could cost a bomb.hehe B and I stayed at a very comfy guesthouse when we were there. I'm not sure how much was the rate per night coz it's included in the package as well =)

After we came out from the subway tunnel. Time ni, the feeling was indescribable. Baru terasa sejuknya, and to be surrounded by Korean faces... Mak sakai ok!haha 

On the way to our guesthouse....time ni fefeling running man jewww hahaha

 It was early in the morning, most of the shop houses were still close.

Such a bright cold morning..=)
At the guesthouse kitchen. You can cook, hang out, surf the internet here. Every morning when we came down for breakfast, this place was crowded with tourists all over the world. The guests  were allowed to cook, all was provided. We didnt tho except for a few cups of Maggi.haha


Stoves, microwave, fridge, toaster

This was taken at one of the nights where suddenly the mommy whale was super hungry. Instant rice with sardine in a tin

Two computers with free internet connection to be used anytime by the guests. Abaikan mak buyong di situ

TV- You can borrow a X-Box from the receptionist. There's a guitar, a bookcase filled with books in case you get bored.haha

Now, a few pictures of our room.

Did you know South Korea has 20++ tv channels??? All in Korean language tho with no subtitle. Fret not, you wont be spending time in the room anyway. 

My favourite spot in the room was the floor for its floor heating mat...It felt so nice to warm your butt in that chilly weather especially in the morning.hahaha I remember dreading my way to the toilet at night because it was super duper cold. Every step felt like I was stepping on ice. Can you imagine how many times a pregnant lady goes to the toilet at night??hahah

One thing I love about our guesthouse is it is situated near Ewha Womans University and shop houses. Since the area largely occupied by women, most shops sell trendy clothes, shoes, beauty stuffs and food. What more can a girl ask for??tee hee hee

The night I got my Ugg boot for RM30 onleyhhhh

Fan of ChaTime? In Seoul, you could easily spot coffee houses everywhere. The koreans love their coffees. If you go to any restaurant, forget your tea, juice or any favourite drinks coz they will only have plain water. You can find your drinks at the coffee shop. There are many coffee houses with fancy names. Starbucks is there also but it doesnt look as popular as in Malaysia.haha Anyway, it was in Seoul when I fell in love with Caramel Macchiato. nyums!!

The shop that made us cracked like two crazy tourists.hahahahahahaha

Alright...will continue again in the next post. Toodles!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Once we landed at Incheon International Airport,,

Hola peeps...=)

So we landed safely on Seoul land, the land that B had been dreaming about since he fell in love with the Korean dramas and variety shows.

At Incheon International Airport....

tanah gersang due to winter..

Muka basi bangun tidur. Was waiting to use the toilet since almost everyone from the same flight wanted to wash up.haha


I was impressed with the cleanliness of the toilet. My sakai level was at the maximum where I just had to push the red botton twice, just to see the plastic cover changed automatically.hahahahahaha


Jyeahhhh, peed, and washed up. Ikut hati nak mandi tp kampung giler kan mandi lam toilet kat negara orang.hahaha

Waiting for the commuter to the main terminal building.

Before I forget, we were given this arrival card to fill in when were still on the flight.It was for some personal details, ie our names, where we would stay while in South Korea, etc. Was collected at the immigration post.

Yeay, met our first tour guide. Our tour guide changed everyday.haha will explain bout this later. Opkos no picture with him, still shy shy.hehe I forgot his nama *my bad* but he was a first year student at one of the universities in Seoul. Ouhhh he's a Malaysian. =)

We had 3 luggage. The big purple one for clothes, the small black on the right for food and the small brown one for basics like winter jacket, toilettries and extra clothes, in case.

Waiting for a train to Seoul. From Incheon to Seoul, it took about 1 hour...krohh....krohhhh. We were heading to our guesthouse at Shinchon area.

Yeay, we had arrived!

To be continued.........again.......

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