Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Min Diesel

Alhamdulillah, Minmin was born with thick black hair.


Fresh from Mommy's oven =)

We had been searching for people to shave his head to a baldy coz we were to chicken to do it ourselves.hahaha Apart from it being a sunnah to Muslim, I really wanted to see him bald at least once in his lifetime. Coz who knows he might decide to keep long hair for the rest of his life.hehehe

Anyhoo, since we chicken-ed out, Minmin lived with his thick black hair till a few days ago.

He was sort of cranky one late afternoon. So when Mom told me she wanted to go get a haircut at our kampung hair salon, I insisted to tag along. Just to let him breath fresh since he was confined in the house for almost a week already.

The auntie recognised me straight away because I was her regular customer before I started working. Nampak tak tak mampu gi salon mahal??hahah She was a bit surprised that I am married and brought a baby to her salon. Needless to say, she was instantly hooked to Minmin. Gewamm auntie tau!

After Mom got her haircut, the auntie came to Min and stroked his hair. THen she asked

'Kau tamau kasi komando ka?'

I was blur. Komando? Botak? oooo
So I explained to her our trouble. She let out a small laugh then said 'Aku boleh buat maa...semua baby kat sini aku buat"

So, cut story short, Min is a baldy now. As much as I love and miss his hair, I have to say he is much cuter being a baldy.hahahah

Few hours before.....

and now...

Why mommy whyyyyyyy????? hahah

And today...

Yo, I'm Min Diesel =)


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