Sunday, November 17, 2013

Flying to Seoul, Korea

Let's start off with the flight journey.

We took a night flight mainly because it was the cheapest hahaha and also the flight to Seoul took about 6 hours. Our flight scheduled at midnight and touched down at Incheon International Airport around 6am. Just nice! We didnt waste the whole day on board =)

At the LCCT while waiting for our flight to board

First time in my life to take a picture with this yellow man. Kesian kan. Story of my life.haha

Inside International Departure Hall. It was our first time there. Naisss...less crowd and very airport-ish, unlike the domestic departure hall.

 Camwhore, a must. I was already very sleepy at this hour.

Before taking off, le hubs was making preparation to ensure his whale wife had a good night sleep. He pre-booked an extra seat so the whale could at least lie down to sleep.haha

Halfway there.....

After 6 hours of flight and numerous visit to the toilet, we finally woke up to this...

err....yea I know it doesnt look attractive.hahaha it was still winter so the land were dry and brown-ish

Yeay we had arrived!

To be continued.....


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