Saturday, November 16, 2013

Seoul....I miss you....

Was going through the photo albums in my laptop. Stopped at 'Seoul' folder. Clicked and I spent almost one hour of my life looking back at all the pictures. The feeling is... I wanna go there again!

When B and I went there in March this year, I was 4 months pregnant. I was hormonal. I was tired most of the time. I hated most of the local food. I even told B several times that I will never go to Seoul again. But now...looking at the pictures...with my hormone system is getting normal heart aches. amboih...aches gittewww.hahaha But seriously,I want to go again!

I notice that I only did one post about our Seoul trip. See how much I didnt enjoy that time. shesshhhh hormones!

So I think...since my life evolves mostly around my baby, I dowanna bore you people with baby stories only. I will write several posts about our trip then. I have forgotten most of the details..but who long as i write, right? tee hee hee But not tonight. My head is just too tired to write an essay Will leave you people with this photo for the night =)

This was the amount of cash we hand-carried there. .hahaha this was the budget for ground package + shopping money.

Easy calculation to convert Korean Won to Ringgit

1000won x 3 = 3000 = RM3

Let say you wanna buy a shirt that costs 10000 won

10000 x 3 = 30000 = RM30

Just minus the last 3 zeros.hehe

K night peeps!


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