Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our temporary home in Seoul for 6days 5 nights.....

If you plan to go to Seoul, and planning to stay for a few days there, guesthouse would be the best choice since a hotel room could cost a bomb.hehe B and I stayed at a very comfy guesthouse when we were there. I'm not sure how much was the rate per night coz it's included in the package as well =)

After we came out from the subway tunnel. Time ni, the feeling was indescribable. Baru terasa sejuknya, and to be surrounded by Korean faces... Mak sakai ok!haha 

On the way to our guesthouse....time ni fefeling running man jewww hahaha

 It was early in the morning, most of the shop houses were still close.

Such a bright cold morning..=)
At the guesthouse kitchen. You can cook, hang out, surf the internet here. Every morning when we came down for breakfast, this place was crowded with tourists all over the world. The guests  were allowed to cook, all was provided. We didnt tho except for a few cups of Maggi.haha


Stoves, microwave, fridge, toaster

This was taken at one of the nights where suddenly the mommy whale was super hungry. Instant rice with sardine in a tin

Two computers with free internet connection to be used anytime by the guests. Abaikan mak buyong di situ

TV- You can borrow a X-Box from the receptionist. There's a guitar, a bookcase filled with books in case you get bored.haha

Now, a few pictures of our room.

Did you know South Korea has 20++ tv channels??? All in Korean language tho with no subtitle. Fret not, you wont be spending time in the room anyway. 

My favourite spot in the room was the floor for its floor heating mat...It felt so nice to warm your butt in that chilly weather especially in the morning.hahaha I remember dreading my way to the toilet at night because it was super duper cold. Every step felt like I was stepping on ice. Can you imagine how many times a pregnant lady goes to the toilet at night??hahah

One thing I love about our guesthouse is it is situated near Ewha Womans University and shop houses. Since the area largely occupied by women, most shops sell trendy clothes, shoes, beauty stuffs and food. What more can a girl ask for??tee hee hee

The night I got my Ugg boot for RM30 onleyhhhh

Fan of ChaTime? In Seoul, you could easily spot coffee houses everywhere. The koreans love their coffees. If you go to any restaurant, forget your tea, juice or any favourite drinks coz they will only have plain water. You can find your drinks at the coffee shop. There are many coffee houses with fancy names. Starbucks is there also but it doesnt look as popular as in Malaysia.haha Anyway, it was in Seoul when I fell in love with Caramel Macchiato. nyums!!

The shop that made us cracked like two crazy tourists.hahahahahahaha

Alright...will continue again in the next post. Toodles!


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