Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shop at Namdaemun Market and our first Korean Meal

Gituuuuhhhhh panjang title.haha

After we settled with check-in, our tour guide let us rest for a while before heading to Namdaemun. First day oredi brought us to shop, had to be very frugal.hoho

We joined another Malaysian family to the market as a big group. The feeling of meeting another malaysians fella in a stranger land was indescribable.hehe

Namdaemun Market as stated in our itinerary:

"No introduction is needed,this is the place where you can find almost everything that you need especially clothes,key chain,kimchi and brooch.Tourist come here everyday to spend their money as the price here is very reasonable and the choices are variety"

This place is hugeeee. If you are a brooch lover, this place will make you go nuts! I didnt though. Bought a few only for SIL and my mom.

Home stuffs

Get your souvenirs here because I was told if you buy it from other place, the price is slightly different. That bulk that B was holding cost 10k Won = RM30. Mahal jugok le sebenau eh

The unni who was super nice to us =). When she noticed that I was pregnant, she got even excited.haha

Here is like our Jalan Masjid India, KL.

Regret not buying any those cute clothes for Min. We were just told about Min's gender before we left for Seoul, scared the gender might change so we didnt by hoo Amik gambar saje laaa

Very cheap here compared to Malaysia. We shopped this junks on the last night we were there, just to spend the remaining moolah.Junks coz I havent used them at all.haha

It was the uncle who offered to take picture with him. He's selling I love Korea shirt.haha he knows a lil bit of bahasa melayu like murah, 10 ringgit...

I noticed the ajuhmma here cooked every where.hoho maybe because it was cold, they had steamboat even at open space like this.

At first glance, he looked like that red-haired guy from 2pm.hahah this is a stall selling a sort of cake made of rice flour. Made on the spot youu. Diorang pintal doh tu sampai jadi halus pastu buat kuih. eh tah caner nak explain hahah. I think he saw me covering my head, he instantly said 'halal, halal' haha

Again, very sporting seoul folks =)

Shopped for Kpop poster for le sister. forgot the price oredi. This is one of the many shops selling idol stuffs. so if you are into korean idols, you'd go crazy!

Now, after spending some moneyhhh, it's time to eat.

At the subway station. I was really exhausted and was very moody. Didnt sleep and had to walk miles to the destination. I was pregnant remember? and oh not to forget, hadnt eaten since we arrived in Seoul...

Yeayy finally, fooooddddddddddddddddd!

Green tea. kat sini toksahla carik teh tarik ka, juice ka. Semua tu carik kat coffee shop. Kedai makan dia hidang green tea/ air kosong.

Simple but extremely sedappp! That kimchi, nothing like what i've tasted in Malaysia. Sedap gilerrr!

Ala-ala sambal sotong kitewww


This post got super long. Pardon all the grammar and tunggang-langgangness. I dont have the time to edit. hoho


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