Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Spectra Cimilre M1 Review

Been away for 3 weeks I didnt check my email. First thing I did after I arrived here in Melaka was to check my email.hehe Suprisingly I got a few emails from strangers about Spectra M1 breastpump. I did reply but I think it's best to a review in my blog here for all to see and read.hehe

This model Cimilre M1 is still very very very new in Malaysia. When I decided to buy this, I was gambling for good luck actually because there were almost zero review about this model. Since this model fit into the criteria of a breastpump that I was looking for and also size up to my budget, bought it I did.

Lemme roll out the features first ok.

  • Electric breastpump with rechargeable battery
  • Can be used as double pump 
  • Small and convenient
  • Low noise
  • Breast shield, valve and bottle 
  • Vary suction strength
  • Stimulation function

It can be used as double pump but usually I use single hehe coz taking care of a baby it's not easy to sit for minutes while pumping. Kejap2 baby berbunyi

Small and lightweight. As big as my palm onleyhhhh

So here is my honest review for this model. FYI, I am an exclusive pumping mom (EP mom) because till now Minmin refuses direct feeding and mak tak koserrr dah nak kelaie dgn dia sumbat puting.hahahaha so EP mom it is.

I use this pump every 3 hours as I need to pump 7-8 times per day to ensure supply. So you can trust that my review is valid.hahaha

  • Love the size and weight. I carry this everywhere. Have travelled by plane and car this 2 months and I could pump easily. No hassle
  • Love the suction. There are 5 suction levels that you can adjust accordingly.
  • Noise level - ok! I could pump in the same room when my baby was sleeping. He is a light sleeper so this is definitely a huge advantage for me.
  • Rechargeable battery: Can be used 2-3 pumping sessions. I prefer power pumping so each session could take 40 mins to one hour.
  • Easy to assemble and clean. Only 3 parts -  breastshield, valve and the bottle.
  • Budget friendly. Got mine half the price of Medela Freestyle.
  • Can be used as freestyle with bustier.
The only problem I have with this model is it's still very very new in Malaysia so looking for the spare parts is a nightmare. I lost one valve and my supplier ran out of stock and not restocking. One reason why I'm using a single pump.huhu
My dreamed breastpump was Medela Freestyle but the price stopped me. If you are looking for something similar, this model could be it. For freestyle, there are many bustiers sold on the internet for you to go freestyle while pumping. But lemme tell you, the best breastpump in the world is when you could pump while sleeping.hahahah so far none has been invented.

I hope my honest reviews help those mommies out there. Peace out!

at 2 months old, Minmin is weighing at 6.3kg. Not bad for a baby who refuses direct feeding.hoho


lovelybaby said...

Hi there Nurul, Spectra M1 is indeed new in the market, but Spectra has been around for almost a decade in Malaysia already! Spare parts can be found very easily for any Spectra models from the sole distributor in Malaysia - Histopoint (M) Sdn Bhd. Or you can visit their facebook page at 'Spectra Baby Malaysia' and enquire anything from there! hope you let your readers know about this! :)

Nurul Razak said...

Hi lovely baby! thanks for dropping by. I've been looking for the spare parts for this model for awhile now. thanks for sharing coz I'll definitely gonna hunt there. really need a new valve.thanks again! =)

Nadia Nasa said...

Hi Nurul,thanks for your review. I too am loving the Spectra M1,just switched it from Little Bean breastpump,I am very happy with this one.However I'd like to ask you if you know if there any brand of bottles that fit M1 breast shield?Thanks.

Nurul Razak said...

Hi Nadia. Thanks for dropping by.hehe too bad till now I couldnt find any other bottle that could fit the breast shield. =)

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I'm one of Histopoint's staff. For now, the bottles that can fit our wide neck breast shield is Avent and Mam. And of course the Spectra's itself. Huhu may this info help you :-)

amad de rooney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amad de rooney said...

Ai... so far until now breast pump still ok?

heartofmine said...

Hi.. How do u charge the battery? I notice there s no light indictor (mine) is it normal?

Nurul Razak said...

Hi Amad de rooney, my pump died last month because it's not meant for heavy duty =) Now I;m a proud owner of spectra S1

Hi heartofmine, have you check the charger head?my indicator is at the charger not the pump =)

cheda said...

i am considering this bpump too. but, do u mean that this pump only compatible with sppectra bottle? not with other storage bottle? bcoz with my previous pump, i can directly pump into the storage bottle n keep it in the fridge.

another issue is the battery life. how long does it take to fully charge the battery? how often do u charge it? if its only last for 2-3 session,i might need to charge it twice a day. bcoz during the early months, i usually pump like 5-6 session daily.

Nurul Razak said...

hI Cheda,

yes,it's only compatible w spectra bottle unfortunately. =)

I'm not sure how long it takes to fully charge the battery.But i remembered i used to charge twice a day for 7-8 sesh. My sesh ran for 40 minutes usually. Hope my explanation helps =)

Rose Putih said...

Salam nurul, Review ni utk spectra m1 ke s1 ye.. 1 lg, bp ni bising x.. agk2 mnganggu x klu kita buat kt tmpt yg ada org lain.. tq :)

Nurul Razak said...

wslm Rose putih, ni review for M1, yg kecik tu.bunyi tak bising sangat but compare to S1, S1 lagi senyap.hehe

Anonymous said...

Dear Nurul, thanks for your review. This is helpful! I know this M1 pump is meant for personal use & not hospital grade. So your M1 pump died after few months usage & that caused you to invest into hospital grade pump S1? Thanks again

leila daniel said...

hi peeps, i am selling spectra m1 and my package comes together with bottle converter so you can use together with narrow/standard neck bottles ..do visit and LIKE my page http://facebook.com/milkyway.my and msg me for SPECIAL PRICE of Spectra M1!

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