Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nail Parlour, Alamanda and UKM Official Portal

My mood improved much today. I dont feel any pressure or stress. Maybe because finally he's here. future in laws have arrived safely this afternoon. Somehow, half of the burden have been lifted. Am happy again.

And I have 2 more interesting things i wanna tell that contributed to my happy mood today.

FIRST, finally I got my manicure and pedicure treatment. Yeehooo..I am loving those nails to bits!! It was an awkward experience since i was a first timer. But thanks to Leen, it was wonderful! I forgot to bring my camera but Leen helped me to snap the picture using her mobile. Oh by the way, i got my treatment at Nail Parlour, Alamanda. The service was superb!

I wonder how much weight I have put on since 3 weeks ago. The scale is my enemy now T__T

The second one is the picture of my friends and I were uploaded in UKM Official Portal. Among all the performances, we were the chosen one. hahahahah bangga kita!! But honestly, I could see that most of the lecturers and guests enjoyed our performance the most.thheee heee..oh by the way, the news was about the students who received the award on the night. but our picture is featured on the front page. GO visit here now!!

Anyhooooo, Saturday is going to be our big day. I am soooo looking forward to it =))))))))))))))))))
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Today I went for shirt hunting for B. He has no suitable shirt to be worn on our day. I went to Alamanda, alone. When I reached there, I entered few shops browsing through the choices. I have few shirts that were to my liking. I sent few messages to B asking for opinions. But he didnt respond.  after 2 hours, I gave up. He finally called, but I couldnt hear him properly. He was at work by the way. I had already lost my mood then. I was hungry and tired and lonely.

I gave up and drove back to UKM. my day was a bleak again. Then I knew I was not fine. I am angry with everything. I want to go back.
I am still in tearing mood today.But better than yesterday. But my stomach pain is still visiting.

I used up my whole morning watching How I Met Your Mother because I want to make myself laugh. I took silly pictures of my face and laughed about it. I reedit my assignment. and eat. I am sure my weight is gonna hit 55kgs soon. But you know what, I dont care anymore. Food make me happy. at least for now.

Apart from the useless activities above, I went Tumblring. No, I dont do Tumblr. I randomly read and jump from one account to another. But its one of the source of my strength. Through that medium, I always know that I am not alone. Everyone around the whole must have their own problems, difficulties, downside. And they can put it beautifully in words or pictures instead of long post of blog. oh well, that was me.hahahaha

I dont know but God must have had His own plan. I figured out many quotes or saying that is like a slap on my face or console me in some weird ways. But here are my favourites:

"People cry not because they are weak, but because they have been strong for too long"

"I hate it when my anger turn into tears"

"Don't judge me, you only see what I choose to show you"

For the first quote, it reflects me real hard. I guess I have been keeping most of my emotions to myself for too long. I did tell B some but when I did, it usually came with laughter. Maybe he never knew how serious some of the problems to me. sometimes I did think that my problems are not the worst in the world. It wont affect any economical and political situations, at all. that's why I rather keep it to myself than plastering it on other people's life. well, that's just me, you know.

The second one, that always happen to me. Honestly since I was young, i have anger management issues. What more if I were provoked. I remembered at a tender age of 7, I threw a piece of coconut shell straight to my cousin's head because he made fun of me. He was bleeding. Then only I realized what i had done. I got scolded pretty bad for that. Then I was 11 years old. I had an argument with another cousin. I was so angry I didn't realize that I slapped him so hard that shocked the rest of my family. and another one when I was 12, I was playing chess with my cousin too. Another cousin who laid on the carpet next to me kept saying that I was gonna lose. I was provoked that I didnt realise i hit his face. see see...let's not go into my life as a teenager. I guess by that time, my parents would have realised how unstable my emotions were. that's why they were less strain on me compared to my brother. But as I grow older, I started to control my emotions. Less physical abuse. I cry instead. And it usually takes few days before I get better. Oh terpanjang pulak cerita kan...well, that's basically how i was.

For the third quote, I basically had explained in the paragraph above.

Actually this post intends to cover up my ass for crying like a girl last night. It was STILL one of the most embarrassing moment in my life and I still feel like a jerk for ruining everyone's night. arghhhhhhhhhh memalukan!

I am a total bitch and drama queen.

We had our graduation dinner tonight. Guess what? The first 20 minutes of the event I spent it on crying!! Such a loser.

Every one on the same table must have thought that I am a drama queen. Wont blame all of you for that. Honestly, I myself fail to figure out why oh why I cried. Was it because of her? Was it because my unstable emotions? Was it because my imbalance hormones??

Honestly, I spent hours of today drowning myself in my own tears. When I looked at the sirih junjung, I cried. At the mirror, I cried. At the picture, I cried. At the ring, I cried. The stack of papers also I cried. That happened in the morning till afternoon. Late afternoon I was pretty ok.

But during the dinner, I cried again. What a bitch. I am so so so so so so sorry to cry like a little girl. But if you know me well, I dont easily cry in front of people. Not even my boyfriend. So if cried, something must have been wrong.

I need to get home asap. The more I stay, the crazier I'll get.

I have no intention or whatsoever to make people look bad, feel bad or think bad. What ever happened tonight was out of my control. Again I am sorry. Really really sorry. I have humiliated myself and made the rest uncomfortable with me and pretty much ruined their night. I am sorry....

Am gonna rest now. I am tired. and my stomach is aching again. Tomorrow I'll blog about the rest of the night =)

I apologise, deeply from me =(
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Iboh mejal ba~~

Aku diam salah, sik diam salah..why on earth you wanna make your happiness my responsibility?? 

Either way, I am the mean one. If I say I dont have time to talk, meaning I really dont have time to talk. You want me to email you schedule isit? But lemme tell you my schedule k. If you really dont believe me that I am fucking busy.

8.30am - going to PUSKEB to beg for costumes. If attempt fail, I am going to Kajang looking for rental lengga or any other way so that we can perform in peace tonight.
2 pm - Full rehearsal at DTAMS. 
5pm - Another rehearsal at Dtams
7.30- Our so called Malam Ambang Graduan  (Yeay =.=)
11 pm - back in my chamber...doing assignments

Heard that Drama practice will run till afternoon.
At night = if have time, might go looking for B's baju for tunang (yesss, his got no proper shirt for that day) and later assigment time oh and draw maps to my house.

Morning = practice
Afternoon = entertain B's family. They are coming to get the hantarans.
Night = Since I am not presenting, I will try my group members to finish up whatever works left. Oh. Friday is the due date for ALL assignments.
Very late at night = pick my brother's up from the airport. Going back to Melaka straight away.

at home. doing stuffs and not lay on the couch watching tv.

Itu belum tolak makan minum, tido berak lagi. 

See see see......berapa kali ku mok ulang the world doesnt revolve around you?? Boleh sik iboh mejal? If i am ready to meet you I'll meet you. I am the type that will cool down after certain period. sik payah mok jumpa2 minta maaf pun sikpa. Kau mejal. Makin la aku manas. Macam aku sekda keja nak buat nak? Kinek tok kau buat muka kesian. Alu aku la the bitch here.

I am this close (tunjuk dengan jari macam orang dlm movie selalu buat) to losing my mind. Dengan costumes MAG lagi, dengan Make up ( yes dr norazah has too much expectation), digital project yang belum start, things at home yang semua tunggu aku balik baru nak settle and you. Ko ingat aku sik stress ka? Ko ingat aku dok gelak2 suka hati? aku under lotsa pressure right now. 

Ko ingat cdak family lelaki datang thursday aku bersuka ria ka? They will come HERE, UKM.You think i am happy to see my boyfriend?? AKU NERVOUS!! Ramai yang datang. aku nervous takut diorang tak suka hantaran tu. takut tak suka dengan aku. takut terkecik hati ke apa. ada pernah kau fikir?? ko paham sik almost 90% of the preparation aku yang handle?? 

Hal dekat rumah. mak aku sorang-2 dekat rumah. dahla tak sihat. adik beradik aku balik semua hari jumaat. kerusi meja semua tunggu aku balik baru angkat. door gift belum siap. bahulu dengan kek aku belum ambik. bilik belum kemas. rumah belum kemas. mom always expresses her concern about the unsettled things. She's worried that we cannot get things done on time. Mestila i console her. takkan aku nak bagi dia lebih risau kot. padahal dalam hati, aku pun risau. ko ingat aku pernah cerita ka dengan orang hal rumah aku?? aku diam2 jak. 3MINGGU AKU STAY KAT UKM SO THAT I CAN COMMIT MYSELF TO THE CLASS FOR DRAMA because aku rasa bersalah this friday aku balik awal. and sebab assignment yang lain. Ko mok gilak tangga aku berterus terang nak?? if you can cry, i can too. and kinek I am crying because finally aku luah kan semua. all this while, i never tell  about my concern to anyone. not even my room mate. not even my boyfriend. and the reason because we are far away. Aku simok nya risau. dont want my mom to worry. Aku diam -diam jak. 

So pernah kau fikir?? Kau ingat aku ego gilak ka? I HAVE MATTERS TO CONCERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. dah puas hati??? Sorry we have to meet this way. I am scared if I see you, things tHat happened few years ago will happen again. If you think you are the victim, tertindas ka. think more.

To another friend who's trying to be the middle man, this is why I refuse any. aku penat. aku ngantok. aku gastrik. aku sakit palak. gila jak belum. I cannot handle anymore touching touching stuffs because i am emotionally not stable. I hope you can understand. At least she got you to express her feeling, i got no one.

And because i force to express my feelings today, I am angrier now. If you want things to get better, gimme some space. I mean really heeeyuuuugeeee space.


P/S My cousin, who's like a sister to me cannot come on that day T___T
Monday, March 28, 2011

I blog more under pressure and Wong Solo, Bangi

Well, that's true. even my visitors keep coming for more. banyak stalker. Hi stalkers *waves*

Something weird happen to me this morning. For the past 2 days, the weather has been humidly hot. Including last night. and this morning I woke up with mucus down my nasal. Am I getting flu?? Didnt see that coming. *scratch head*

Today my mood is slightly better. Alhamdulillah. but but...amma appa....I didnt wake up early this morning to sahur. there goes my plan to fast today..=.='

Oh long time d I dont share a place to eat.hihi so, few weeks ago, my friends and I found this new place to eat, Wong Solo which offers authentic Indonesia cuisine. The place is at the commercial area behind PKNS Bangi. and just next to Steamboat Antarabangsa.

By the way, we went day during lunch hour. Therefore, seats were limited and the service was very slow. Enjoy our camwhoring session while waiting for the food =p

Nad was forced to pose 'ayu' but she refused.haha

Hungry faces...Steve...err....baca doa kot 

Notice our eyes?? Edmond had to pull his hand back so that all of use could get in the picture. Still, Crystal got to get half of her face,hahaha

The loving couple. Gonna get married end of this year. I'll be there yo! Bintulu, here I come. Oh, Crystal's dad is B's super apparently. So he is invited too..haha

Not a hint of make up, powder. muka macam nenek kebayan tak tido...=.='

Again Nad refused to pose. This time was 'gedik' pose. 

Nad, kenak ko simok pose kedak ambun???

This was my meal

This was STEVE's. One whole set of Ayam Penyet include: a bowl of rice, one piece of ayam penyet, fried tempe, fried tauhu, grilled terung and salad and cucumber. also one glass of plain water. The total cost for a set is RM10.90.

Why few pictures of food???????hahaha
Sunday, March 27, 2011
After almost a week, finally I got the time to call my mum. It was after reading Steve's post that I remembered I have not spoken to her that long. When I got to hear her voice, I apologised for not calling for some times. Mak answered 'Tau takpe'. Sentap aku. Mesti mak kecik ati. T__T....

We talked for a while about the preparation. She is going back to Kedah on Tuesday and will be coming back on Thursday. Therefore, she is quite worried with unsettled things. She told me that she tried to change the curtain in my room. Her attempt failed because she is having problem to lift her arm upright. Alu touching aku......Kesian mak..

If possible, I want to go back this second. But I have responsibilities towards my course mates regarding assignments and drama practices, so have to hold the thought. I might go back on wee hours of Friday, after fetching my brother from the airport. I can foresee that on Friday am gonna be so busy.Pick up bahulu, secret recipe cake and finalise my room. stress. oh...door gift for tahlil also is yet to be done.

I was a bit emotional today. but I am ok now. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

p/s janganla mendiva kan diri. the world wont stop spinning because of you. cheers~
  • Moodiness
  • Irritability or short temper
  • Agitation, inability to relax
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Sense of loneliness and isolation
  • Depression or general unhappiness

My head is very very painful right now. I tried to take a nap an hour ago. Guess what, i woke up several times. i know that i woke up like terkejut like that. i am restless.

could you please stop bothering me for a while? to hell with what you want. give me some peace.

Gastric Pain

I spent my morning searching information about gastric pain. Lately, I have been having it frequently, almost everyday. I guess its due to inconsistent eating time or stress. And fatigue.

I am feeling tired most of the time. Sometimes, even after I have taken my meals, I still had the gastric pain. So I guess its due to stress. I want to go home.

This morning, I turned on my laptop. and saw this:

Can you see the line?? It is on my laptop screeennnnnn. Dayemmmmm. I had this problem few years ago and my parents had to fork out almost RM1K to change to a new monitor. And the lines will continue to multiply themselves. Buying a new laptop is never on my list at the mean time. And now I have no mood. 

Why can some people being expressive without being judged? Why when I say I want to say, people say things? When I dont say anything people say I am a hypocrite?

"Dont live for the critics coz they are everywhere"

p/s Hope to complete my Error Analysis task by today. God give me strength =)
Saturday, March 26, 2011

For granted

Some people always take things for granted.

Feeling, efforts, presence......

Let's start with feelings.
I say what I want to say. and sometimes I know I hurt the listener. Eventually, I will apologize. But, my way is apologizing is not with words. I do deeds. Simple ones like take out food, give a lift to somewhere. Rarely with words unless I know I did hurt that person terribly. why? Because I am not a woman of words. I write. I am not expressive with feelings. Cant believe me? then think.

For our drama, I have seen how some people work real hard to make it a success. These group of people with no doubt gonna be a great individuals some days. Effort includes energy, time and money.I know some people spend their efforts with energy, doing works uncomplaint. Some with time, spending time preparing scripts, props, costumes also without a word. Some people spend the money, not even thinking to claim. But the saddest part a small portion of individuals, dahlah malas, kedekut, tak menghargai pulak tu. Sabo je la. Like Ucop put it, Kite bako je, kite bako hurts like hell seeing all those efforts were taken for granted. If it was up to me, I would smack them till they cry.The other day, we had a confrontation. I thought people will change. Some did. But some people, whom thought those had nothing to do with them, stay the same. Complain banyak.


If you disregard those two, feeling and effort, definitely you will take presence for granted too. You dont feel anything with the person being there or not. But once you have lost them, you tried to reach.and failed. and whenever you fail, you dont learn. you blame that person instead.  I did this before.many times. when I realize it, sometimes its too late. I lost many good friends of mine. I tried to reach them. and when they ignore me, I got angry and upset. but the truth is, i let them go in the first place.

My point is......actually I dont have a point.haha I just woke up and those things were in mind before I slept just now. Therefore, make me wanna write. Talking about sleep, finally I got to sleep in the afternoon. The past weeks were hectic. More to come next week. I cant wait to go back. This will be my second week spending weekend in UKM. Please expect mood swings next week. hee

yehooooo, getting engaged in 7 daysss Put a ring on that finger honey!

Picture credits to Google Image
Friday, March 25, 2011

Our first home item

Tonight, B attended a dinner hold by his company. I felt a lil bit sad because I couldnt go with him. He had no idea what to wear. And the theme was glamour something. I wish I was there. I really want to go. B said there was a red carpet event like in the tv, he took picture with the back ground, and he was given the picture with frames on the spot. How cool is that?? Wish I could attend with him next year.tee hee hee...

Anyway, he called just now. Guess what? He got the 2nd place for Lucky Draw. He got a Panasonic Microwave. I was ecstatic. Still am.hihi he just got the first item for our home. How cool is that??

By the way, the 1st prize would be a 4D3N trip to Bandung. hee...

that's all.

Good night peeps. Gonna sleep with smile on my face tonight =))))))
Thursday, March 24, 2011
I just got up. Feeling tired and restless. I have work to do tonight. and I am hungry.

I have lost the touch of blogging. I have so many things to share but everytime I tried to blog about something, my mind went blank.

I am getting engaged in 9 days. Believe me I dont feel anything. No, I am not having second thoughts. But I am too busy to think about it.

Mum calls me frequently these days. Sometimes to update me, sometimes to ask for something.

B's mum called me last week. Tell you I blew it. I didnt know who was calling because I didnt save her number. I answered using the most hideous scary male-like voice ever. The voice I use to avoid spam caller or salesmen. dayyyyeeemmmm

The hantarans from my side are all done. Waiting for B's now. My dear friend, Ambun helps me with B's hantaran. He's got the talent.Boleh bukak bisnes.wahahaha

I watch Big Mommas last night with friends. Boy it was hysterical. Thank you Martin Lawrence for putting the smile in the midst of my chaotic life.

Next week will be the final week for lectures. Final for me to sit and listen as a degree undergraduates. We'll have our Graduation dinner next week. And also final presentation for project. and also 2 reports to be handed in. I would say next week, my mood's gonna swing badly.

I hate myself

We were queuing up to pay for the car park fee at Alamanda last night. We were at the 1st floor, next to a store for mummies and pregnancy. There was a huge poster of a pregnant belly. I was not really in a mood last night and blurted out this:

Bulak perut nya perfect macam ya.Mun bena mesti byk stretch marks!!!!

Translation: It was fake, the real belly should have stretch marks la...

This is the Octo Mum. *stress*

Ok, I spoke like a bitch. Then only I realised there was a pregnant lady, in front of us. I knew she heard me. Then I feel like I am the biggest jack ass in the world. T_______T.

I, a girl who never got knock up said something that I myself never experience. Nice one Nurul!! I bet the lady must have prayed for me to get my stretch marks for my pregnancy. 

After the lady paid the ticket fee, she walked in front of us and gave me a look.I am guilty.

As if the stretch marks are the hideous things in the world. What about talking about mothers' sacrifices Nurul rather acting out so bitchy??

p/s still feeling guilty. wooo...woo...
p/p/s Pictres googled
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bruno Mars - Long Distance (lyrics)

Sometimes I just wanna hop onto a plane and get him. Especially when time gets hard. Bug God is giving me sane mind and heart. And I will just call him instead. Both of us have no fancy mobile phones. If we wanna see each other's pictures, we have to email them. Or tag the pictures in the facebook. That's how.

But we are strong. 6 years and going strong.
Monday, March 21, 2011

Dr. Owen Hunt ~ *drool*

I've been caught up with works since the final week of the semester is approaching. But I dont wanna talk about work. Let's talk about my current crush: Dr. Owen Hunt. Ohemmmjiiiiiii, he's damn sizzling hot!

I have been watching Grey's Anatomy since last week, hence the undone work.haha at first, i fell in love with Dr. Sloan which later I found him to be too cheesy and kinda slut. Then comes Dr. Hunt. He's loving, passionate, patient and firm. He used to serve as doctor bla bla bla in Middle East. In the last episode of Season 6, there was a shooting incident which put his wife into a trauma condition. As much as I hate to see his wife, but I love it to the max to see how Dr. Hunt treats her. 

Bottom line, he's ohsemmmm! Oh in case you dont know, this is my third fantasy crush. The first one was Gaara in Naruto, then Shingun in Princess Hour and the latest in Dr. Hunt. =) I mean, i really had crush on those characters. I dont like them in real life, only when they were in characters. Get what I'm saying???hehe and can you see the different generation my crushes were? Gaara was a teenager, shingu young adult and Hunt, hitting 40s. Gosh I m drooling over older guy now.

In my psychological defense, I guess somehow I want my man to be like them. Sometimes. But honestly, who want a psycho boyfriend like Gaara who cannot sleep, at all? Or who want to marry a prince who's so skinny and tall? or another psycho like Dr. Hunt who has post-war trauma etc? I just like some of their characters. My man is the perfect one =)

Well, currently I am still drooling over Dr. Hunt whenever he comes out in any scene. Ask my roommate, she'll tell you how obsess I am at the moment. But before i stop, let's devour his picture and drool together, shall we?? oh oh did I mention he's Scottish? Love his eyes =p

I love them fangs! arrr~

p/s This is how I start my Monday =)))))

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I wanna

I love to read blogs written by Malaysian students studying overseas. No, not my Juniors' blogs. I read randomly from blog hopping.

Since I was young,  I have this dream to travel to places with different lifestyles, cultures, religions. I just wanna.I envy those who have the chance, not like me. When I was applying for my teaching course, I applied for Overseas Programme. I got it only it's still within Malaysia. Oversea la from Melaka to Kuching.haha 

I want to go places. I want to play with snow, feel the heat at middle east, take pictures in Australia, be in super fast train, buy a bouquet of tulips in Denmark. I want all that. I dont want to live in Malaysia, not knowing the outside world and develop super ethnocentric views on other cultures. I dont want to be part of Meleis who think highly of themselves and cultures and dismiss the rest. I want to be open minded. 

I dont want to live my life solely on paycheck, gadgets, kids, family. I want to travel. I know all you dont understand what I am trying to say.

There is so much in life than just being a teacher, a wife, a mother. I want more. and I hope I can do all of that with you.
Friday, March 18, 2011
dingin malam yang menyelubungi
hening sayu dalam hati
berbicara bersendirian

I dont know what i've done wrong to you but given the fact you give cold stares at me is not at all comfortable.

One thing I learn:

Some people love to play victims. As if the whole world treat them bad. As for me, they are just being damn sensitive. But don't they know that we believe what we want to believe? You interpret things the way you want.

Kau boleh la sentap ngan orang. Orang tak boleh sentap ngan kau la? Mun orang sentap terus orang ya dengki, busuk hati, two face, advantage bitch bla bla bla?

p/s Nak pergi Beryl's beli coklat banyak-banyak.yea!
Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The whole world knows what is happening in Japan. Earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption and high chance of nuclear radiation. Now the people there are suffering with no electricity, no food, no home and missing family members. I am ashamed of some Malaysians especially Meleis who has lost their humanity, pointing out comments that would hurt not only the Japs but also other Malaysians.

From the top leaders to humble citizens, comments thrown implied the mentality of our people. I need not to quote any of the stupidest comments I ever heard. Just go to any blog, forums or newspapers comments you'll see.

But I am saying not all Malays are like that. This implied to certain people who have zero humanity and half a value of common sense.

When I was in secondary school, I learned in Geography that Malaysia will be safe from earthquake and volcano eruptions because she's not in the Ring of Fire. But see what happened in 2004? So i guess the government should change the text book a lil bit. Anything can happen. 

Maybe this people dont read what are the impacts of the earthquake. Go to BBC, CNN, AL JAZEERA. DONT READ THE STUPID MALAY NEWSPAPERS WHO ONLY INTERESTED SWINDLING THE  MESSAGES.

Read more for the impacts. Itupunkalau faham Bahasa Inggeris kan?? ----->there, said it. geram aku!

  1. -- Shorten the day length
  2. --- Japan Before and after
  3. -- Comedian got fired after tweeting jokes about Japan ---THIS WHAT MALAYSIAN SHOULD DO TOO!

The nation will rise again. Soon. because they are the JAPS!
Sunday, March 13, 2011
"One of the most amazing things in the world is having someone fall in love with you who you thought you never had a chance with."


This happens to me. I am grateful. and I love you.


Just had my lunch.hehe alu burp~ My mom. adik and I spent the whole morning cleaning up the house. Dust everywhere. And the focus was my room. We rearranged the furniture and  shove everything unpretty into the closet.hahahaha tak senonoh. no la. all were nicely arranged in my closet.

You know, since yesterday, Mom has been in and out my room zillion times. I dont know what's in her mind. Sometimes she would just stand at the door looking inside. Sometimes she would nod her head. Sometimes she smiled.hehe maybe she was picturing the layout of the room.

Yesterday we went to Romantika, MITC. Mom wanted to buy flowers for the room. We did. Mom also bought a new curtain for the room. I chose cream so that it can be reused for my wedding. It's no fun seeing my mom forking lotsa cash. I wish I am working right now so that mom dont have to use her money. =(

So far, all the preparation has been completed.

  1. Hantarans = Done
  2. Outfit = Done
  3. Tudung =  Donno to choose between a shawl or Bawal =.='
  4. Catering = finalising the dishes
  5. Canopy = Done
  6. Door gifts =  Untuk Tahlil not yet but for E-day Done
  7. Room deco = Done
  8. Bedsheet = Done
I can sense that Mom has started to panic. Haha a week before the kenduri, my dad and her will have to go to Kedah to settle some matters regarding tanah pusaka. She has started to worry because she is scared that many thing will be left undone. But based on the checklist above, we have done almost everything. 

I can wait for the end of the month. Everyone will be home. Umar and family, amir and family, my brother from Miri will be flying back too. My sisters also. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiippppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Friday, March 11, 2011
I always love Friday. Not only it's the last day before weekend, but people are more relax. As on Facebook, I always find beautiful quotes on friends' wall. So the quote of the day would be:

As long as you're trying to be good, you can do whatever you 


And as long as you're not trying, you can say whatever you 


Have a great weekend everyone =)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pasar Borong Cowboy, Cheng Melaka

The other day, mom and I went searching for more flowers for my hantaran arrangement. We went to Cowboy, yess..that place is called Cowboy. Wholesale store. You can find almost everything here!! Really! And the price is cheap compared to other places I know. But the place is not so grand like Jusco or Mahkota Parade. But who cares when its cheap??hehe Enjoy the pictures =)

Flowers, apparently there are lots of them, cannot fit into the camera =). And prices wayyyyyy cheaper than in NILAI. Also got other stuffs like bunga telur, paper bags etc. semua untuk kenduri punya barang, ada di sini =)

Mom didnt know which to choose



Masks for Abah

Wrapping plastic for door gifts

This is how the bumbung looks like.hehe not grand huh?

Food wrapper

Our catch of the day. The total bill came up to RM300++ @.@

At the cashier

Cheap cheap

Basically, you can find almost everything here. From food to flowers, gardening stuffs, plastics, household items. We Malaccans love to go here. Kalau buat kenduri, semua periuk belanga boleh dapat kat sini. Small machines like ABC pun ada. Electrical stuffs pun ada. This is Abah favourite spots.hehe a  reminder, dont go during weekends. Endless queues at the cash registry.

Bottom line, Cowboy Supermarket is like our own IKEA =). Just not that fancy nor having any meatballs.haha

This supermarket is easy to find. there are many signs indicating the place. Go have fun here!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More baby picture

at 13 months, Ikha is able to walk. My brother said she dislikes it when her parents hold her hands when she walks. That's how she got scratches like in the picture, jatuh tersembam.haha Independent girl, huh?

My recent hobby is stalking my brothers' facebook, looking at my niece and nephew's pictures. Dah besar dah. Kejap je.

It's the final month of assignments. So everyone is soo tense that everybody becomes sensitive. I have one presentation tomorrow and I still blur of what to present. Though it's for 5 minutes only, that's huge. On a different note, The girl keeps sending messages asking me to join ICAF. I am tempted to join. but the performance will be on the final week of March. I could be really busy with Drama and my engagement final preparation. Shouldnt have too much on our plate, right?

My classmates and I will be performing for our Malam Ambang Graduan, end of this month too. So we have just added another pile of work on our shoulder.haha MAG, a dinner for all year 4 undergraduates who will be graduating soon!! Am gonna be a graduate!! ok tak yah menjerit. and we'll be performing in front of Rais Yatim. double the stress doncha think? I have never performed in front of any VVIP before.hehe quite nervous.

I thought I could have a blast of time this semester. Which almost cannot be seen. 3 subjects, but the workload? plus the events and all. and my engagement!!!hehe

speaking of engagement, the hantarans from both sides are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeeeeeeeehooooooooooooooo..... yea I know there are about 4 weeks before the actual date. Orang siapkan hantaran 1 week before. aku, SEBULAN!! haha the reason being is I am still an undergraduate. What ever time I have are to be divided between school and personal. I am satisfied that the list of things to be done, half have been ticked! 

Mom called yesterday, saying that B's parcel had arrived.He sent 2 frames, one to be put on the hantaran, with the cheque. I asked him what's for the other frame? He said it's to put our engagement picture.=))))))))))) I didnt know he was sending 2 frames. I tot only 1. That's very thoughtful dear. 

oops, terpanjang pulak post hari ni. That's all peeps. More updates coming soon.hehe
Monday, March 7, 2011

Anger strike

I have been really really really really really sensitive lately. My mood swings unwarned. And most of the time, B was the victim. I have so many things in mind. Hantaran, assignments, people. I have to tolerate so many things that I end up getting moodier by days.

You wont believe how many people I have hid from my facebook wall.including close family. Ok sapa yang nak terasa sebab aku hide korang pegila. I dont give a damn. 

Alhamdulillah, finally mom is satisfied with the hantarans. She arranged all 7 of them herself where i just sit by and helped when needed. I dont have the energy to argue with her anymore so what ever designs you see on my Eday, it was mom's idea and google. Mom just dropped everything that were more important and focused on the hantaran which deep down, I am touched. Because she's here, helping me. At least she helps. not just sit by and membebel.

Money is getting lesser now. I have so many things to settle and I hope I can still manage with just few hundreds left. I wont whine about money because I believe, read this, TRULY believe that, rezeki is there. just waiting for the right time to come to you. and yes, I am not hoping for my parents' money.Or B's money.  Honestly, I used most of the cash for the preparation. Though I am broke, am happy because most of the preparation, i used own money. not parents. Because nanti duit catering, khemah, door gifts suma mak aku dah keluar duit. takkan aku tak boleh berkorban sikit kan?

“Distance should not be a reason for love to fade away. When you really love someone, you don’t care if he’s a million miles away. The number of days or months that you can’t be together won’t matter. No matter how hard and painful it is not having him beside me, I choose to wait. I miss and love him with all my heart, but I’d rather stand the pain in waiting for him than live with the pain of losing him.”

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Messed up

I forgot to get my daily dose of gossips from the past 3 days. That's how messed up my head right now. 

To MU, go home suck balls. Congrats Liverpool for the entertainment. Gonna sleep now. Been awaken and working for 18 hours. 

Akhirnya, YB turun padang juga

Bakal YB turun jengok rakyat jelata =P

P/s seriously, babies make problems bearable.hehe
Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stress and pressured

I am at home. 

Yesterday I brought back all the hantaran arrangements that my friend did for me. I was happy with the result. I love simplicity. I dont like over crowd, over the top arrangements that look bushy to me. BUT........

MOM DON'T LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter how hard I defended that I love simple arrangements and this is only for ENGAGEMENT, mom is so persistent that I have to ....mengalah. After all, this engagement isnt about me. it's about all of us. So, Leen, if you read this, I am sorry if there are many changes to your arrangement. I love your designs from the bottom of my heart. *Stress*

Mom said she feels pressured to go over the top because many of B's family even from Kuching will fly to attend the engagement ceremony. She feels uneasy if everything to be too simple. I relented in the end because I want to see her happy and satisfy.

You know after the merisik thingy last week, she decided to book a 'pelamin' much too my fear. Not an attention whore, I was speechless. Tried to argue and refuse to have any, finally I agreed because mom seemed upset. But few days later, she messaged me saying that my dad did not approve having a pelamin. yeeeeeeeeeehooooooooooooooooo!!!.

But...but .... because she cannot have pelamin, now she put her revenge on my hantaran. uwaaaaaaaaa.....

To ambun, just go with over the top arrangements k. I thing we have to satisfy all mothers' taste. Matila mun kenak reject nak. Ok gik mun mak aku reject, mun mak sepul, stress gik aku.hehe
Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby has grown =)

At 18 months, Adam has learned that he can bite!!! Last Friday, Kak Maz told me that she had to take him from the nursery early as he bit two of the kids. Arrrr garang sehhh~

When he was at home last week, i teased him a lot, like A LOT that pissed my mum. But he was like the cutest thing ever when he got mad. When he was watching Barney on TV, I stood in front of the TV and he struggled to watch it from tiny view yang sik kenak cover ya.haha When his attempts failed, he stood up, and grab my thigh. He wanted to bite it. I wiggled. so he couldnt bite. His next strategy was to pinch me real hard. ahhahaha of course it didnt hurt. When he saw me still laughing, he 'babap' me. with sound effects ok!!!!

Another incident was Adam saw something on the shelves. He pointed at the shelves and said 'Abah, abah'. Apparently  he said Abah refferring to everything. Couldnt understand what he wanted, my brother picked up few things which upset him. Obviously not what he wanted. Finally, my brother gave him a picture frame with Ikha's picture in it. Could you believe this? He took the frame, and find a sit somewhere on the floor looking at the picture smiling???? My mom said, he remembers Ikha. When you see his smile, it's like magic you know. The little boy still remembers his cousin!!!

So, moral of the story, Adam is the cutest little boy ever. And my niece, Ikha is the cutest little girl ever.

I rest my case =))))

p/s Adam and Ikha will be home end of this month. Happy much??? =D
Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chronology of my Risik Event

Hi all, as many of you know, B's family came last Sunday for 'risik'. Here is the chronology of what happened on that day =)
  • 6.30 am  -  woke up early and cleaned the house though Mom had cleaned it the day before.
  • 9.30 am - helping mom cooking few extra dish because she was scared some of the guests cannot eat Nasi Beriyani.
  • 10 am -  B sent a message said they were on the way from Senawang. Freaked out a bit but still can control.haha
  • 11 am -  B sent another message saying that they were in front of UITM Lendu.  I ran crazily to take shower. Yea I waited till the last minute to take shower. Telling the whole house they were here. But my family members seemed to feel nothing =.='
  • 11.30am -  Asked B how many people were coming. He texted: 17 adults + 7 kids. *faint*. Told mum bout the news. Mum freaked out. She was scared that the food wouldnt be enough for everyone. The night before,  B confirmed that only 20 pax were coming.  At this point I didnt feel anything anymore.

Mom ordered Nasi beriyani for 25pax. The menu consisted of Nasi beriyani, ayam masak merah, acar and dalca   *Something wrong with my camera. Had to use Mom's phone to snap the picture from my camera.haha

My sister, Iffa made this. This is err....what's that word.err...pudding, no. Aiyo, cannot remember the word. Anyway,  Thank you =)
  • 12.15 pm - B sent another message. They were coming. They waited for another car from Bangi to arrive. Altogether, there were 4 cars. Nervous and sweat.
  • 12.20 pm - They arrived. Too many of them. I didnt know who was who. Awkward moments here and there. Everyone was invited to the hall. Mum again freaked out coz some of them had to sit on the tiles because our mats cannot fit more people. I ran in my baju kurung using back door to Umi's house, to borrow  mats. Ran back home. Sweat a ship. Mom already took the mat in Adik's room. =.=' Very the sik ayu.haha
  • Sat with them in the hall. Whispered to my sis-in-law, Kak Maz where should I be, in the kitchen or join the crowd. She said to join.Sat for a while. Then mak asked to get ready to serve the food. Few moments later, Kak Maz entered the kitchen. Said they had started discussing. I was confused. I tot want to berkenal kenalan je?? Lepak with kak Maz and my sis in the kitchen.

My mum and Abah. And jurucakap rombongan lelaki. The piece of cloth in the middle was where the food was placed. =)
  • About 15minutes later, food were asked to be brought in.  Sent the food, drinks, glasses, mugs. When suddenly, Ummi passed me a casing. I opened it. It's a ring. I was blur. We have agreed wayyyy earlier there shouldnt be any ring. Spontan je keluar dari mulut ' Apa benda ni?" Ummi asked me to keep it. I didnt have time to think anything because mom was busy sending food in. I shouldnt be seen lazing around when mom did all the work right??hehe

Cincin tanda means somebody has asked about me. =) The ring fit perfectly. Lucky me * you know I have fat fingers..hahaha)
  • While they guests were eating, I played with my nephew. Stole glances and smiles with B. Malu aku nak tengok direct kat dia coz I know people were watching. heheh

The boy in a cow jumper.hahaha
  • 1.15pm - The rombongan nak balik dah. huhu Salam here and there. Bid farewell. Nak amik gmabar tapi malu.... Phewwwwwww

B's family gave us a basket of fruits and Sarawak Layer Cake. The cake is very the nyem thus, cepatla habis tak sempat snap gambar =(

That's bits of what happened the other day.However, due to the numbers of people coming, many thought that I got engaged. But, it's just a risik kinda thing. The engagement ceremony will be this 2nd of April, my house. All of you are invited =)


Later that night, when I had time with mom alone, I asked her what she thinks about B. You know her exact words are? =)

"Okla, nampak macam budak baik. Hensem pulak tu"

And I smiled all the way till I sleep. Bangga kita!! See mom. told you I wouldnt choose anyone that would not match your likings. The only thing is that he's from Sarawak =)
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