Monday, March 7, 2011

Anger strike

I have been really really really really really sensitive lately. My mood swings unwarned. And most of the time, B was the victim. I have so many things in mind. Hantaran, assignments, people. I have to tolerate so many things that I end up getting moodier by days.

You wont believe how many people I have hid from my facebook wall.including close family. Ok sapa yang nak terasa sebab aku hide korang pegila. I dont give a damn. 

Alhamdulillah, finally mom is satisfied with the hantarans. She arranged all 7 of them herself where i just sit by and helped when needed. I dont have the energy to argue with her anymore so what ever designs you see on my Eday, it was mom's idea and google. Mom just dropped everything that were more important and focused on the hantaran which deep down, I am touched. Because she's here, helping me. At least she helps. not just sit by and membebel.

Money is getting lesser now. I have so many things to settle and I hope I can still manage with just few hundreds left. I wont whine about money because I believe, read this, TRULY believe that, rezeki is there. just waiting for the right time to come to you. and yes, I am not hoping for my parents' money.Or B's money.  Honestly, I used most of the cash for the preparation. Though I am broke, am happy because most of the preparation, i used own money. not parents. Because nanti duit catering, khemah, door gifts suma mak aku dah keluar duit. takkan aku tak boleh berkorban sikit kan?


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