Monday, March 28, 2011

I blog more under pressure and Wong Solo, Bangi

Well, that's true. even my visitors keep coming for more. banyak stalker. Hi stalkers *waves*

Something weird happen to me this morning. For the past 2 days, the weather has been humidly hot. Including last night. and this morning I woke up with mucus down my nasal. Am I getting flu?? Didnt see that coming. *scratch head*

Today my mood is slightly better. Alhamdulillah. but but...amma appa....I didnt wake up early this morning to sahur. there goes my plan to fast today..=.='

Oh long time d I dont share a place to eat.hihi so, few weeks ago, my friends and I found this new place to eat, Wong Solo which offers authentic Indonesia cuisine. The place is at the commercial area behind PKNS Bangi. and just next to Steamboat Antarabangsa.

By the way, we went day during lunch hour. Therefore, seats were limited and the service was very slow. Enjoy our camwhoring session while waiting for the food =p

Nad was forced to pose 'ayu' but she refused.haha

Hungry faces...Steve...err....baca doa kot 

Notice our eyes?? Edmond had to pull his hand back so that all of use could get in the picture. Still, Crystal got to get half of her face,hahaha

The loving couple. Gonna get married end of this year. I'll be there yo! Bintulu, here I come. Oh, Crystal's dad is B's super apparently. So he is invited too..haha

Not a hint of make up, powder. muka macam nenek kebayan tak tido...=.='

Again Nad refused to pose. This time was 'gedik' pose. 

Nad, kenak ko simok pose kedak ambun???

This was my meal

This was STEVE's. One whole set of Ayam Penyet include: a bowl of rice, one piece of ayam penyet, fried tempe, fried tauhu, grilled terung and salad and cucumber. also one glass of plain water. The total cost for a set is RM10.90.

Why few pictures of food???????hahaha


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