Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pasar Borong Cowboy, Cheng Melaka

The other day, mom and I went searching for more flowers for my hantaran arrangement. We went to Cowboy, yess..that place is called Cowboy. Wholesale store. You can find almost everything here!! Really! And the price is cheap compared to other places I know. But the place is not so grand like Jusco or Mahkota Parade. But who cares when its cheap??hehe Enjoy the pictures =)

Flowers, apparently there are lots of them, cannot fit into the camera =). And prices wayyyyyy cheaper than in NILAI. Also got other stuffs like bunga telur, paper bags etc. semua untuk kenduri punya barang, ada di sini =)

Mom didnt know which to choose



Masks for Abah

Wrapping plastic for door gifts

This is how the bumbung looks like.hehe not grand huh?

Food wrapper

Our catch of the day. The total bill came up to RM300++ @.@

At the cashier

Cheap cheap

Basically, you can find almost everything here. From food to flowers, gardening stuffs, plastics, household items. We Malaccans love to go here. Kalau buat kenduri, semua periuk belanga boleh dapat kat sini. Small machines like ABC pun ada. Electrical stuffs pun ada. This is Abah favourite spots.hehe a  reminder, dont go during weekends. Endless queues at the cash registry.

Bottom line, Cowboy Supermarket is like our own IKEA =). Just not that fancy nor having any meatballs.haha

This supermarket is easy to find. there are many signs indicating the place. Go have fun here!!


valentine87 said...

aieee~~~ BEST NYA...mesti mun aku kat sia GILA kejap mencari barang kat sia~~ semua mok grab kan~~

Nurul Razak said...

aok eh. nang sik tauk pilih nak ne. last2 amik jak mana paling dekat.haha

ema said... 1st time dgr pasar cowboy..

Asfiza said...

bestnya...agak2 kat area shah alam ni ada tak pasar borong cowboy?

anyway..salam perkenalan dari as :)
dah follow kamu..:))

Anonymous said...

hi sis , nk tnya . situ ada jual payung hujan tk ? :D

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