Monday, March 21, 2011

Dr. Owen Hunt ~ *drool*

I've been caught up with works since the final week of the semester is approaching. But I dont wanna talk about work. Let's talk about my current crush: Dr. Owen Hunt. Ohemmmjiiiiiii, he's damn sizzling hot!

I have been watching Grey's Anatomy since last week, hence the undone work.haha at first, i fell in love with Dr. Sloan which later I found him to be too cheesy and kinda slut. Then comes Dr. Hunt. He's loving, passionate, patient and firm. He used to serve as doctor bla bla bla in Middle East. In the last episode of Season 6, there was a shooting incident which put his wife into a trauma condition. As much as I hate to see his wife, but I love it to the max to see how Dr. Hunt treats her. 

Bottom line, he's ohsemmmm! Oh in case you dont know, this is my third fantasy crush. The first one was Gaara in Naruto, then Shingun in Princess Hour and the latest in Dr. Hunt. =) I mean, i really had crush on those characters. I dont like them in real life, only when they were in characters. Get what I'm saying???hehe and can you see the different generation my crushes were? Gaara was a teenager, shingu young adult and Hunt, hitting 40s. Gosh I m drooling over older guy now.

In my psychological defense, I guess somehow I want my man to be like them. Sometimes. But honestly, who want a psycho boyfriend like Gaara who cannot sleep, at all? Or who want to marry a prince who's so skinny and tall? or another psycho like Dr. Hunt who has post-war trauma etc? I just like some of their characters. My man is the perfect one =)

Well, currently I am still drooling over Dr. Hunt whenever he comes out in any scene. Ask my roommate, she'll tell you how obsess I am at the moment. But before i stop, let's devour his picture and drool together, shall we?? oh oh did I mention he's Scottish? Love his eyes =p

I love them fangs! arrr~

p/s This is how I start my Monday =)))))



sword said...

forgot one..hehe sasuke..did u?hehe

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