Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The whole world knows what is happening in Japan. Earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption and high chance of nuclear radiation. Now the people there are suffering with no electricity, no food, no home and missing family members. I am ashamed of some Malaysians especially Meleis who has lost their humanity, pointing out comments that would hurt not only the Japs but also other Malaysians.

From the top leaders to humble citizens, comments thrown implied the mentality of our people. I need not to quote any of the stupidest comments I ever heard. Just go to any blog, forums or newspapers comments you'll see.

But I am saying not all Malays are like that. This implied to certain people who have zero humanity and half a value of common sense.

When I was in secondary school, I learned in Geography that Malaysia will be safe from earthquake and volcano eruptions because she's not in the Ring of Fire. But see what happened in 2004? So i guess the government should change the text book a lil bit. Anything can happen. 

Maybe this people dont read what are the impacts of the earthquake. Go to BBC, CNN, AL JAZEERA. DONT READ THE STUPID MALAY NEWSPAPERS WHO ONLY INTERESTED SWINDLING THE  MESSAGES.

Read more for the impacts. Itupunkalau faham Bahasa Inggeris kan?? ----->there, said it. geram aku!

  1. -- Shorten the day length
  2. --- Japan Before and after
  3. -- Comedian got fired after tweeting jokes about Japan ---THIS WHAT MALAYSIAN SHOULD DO TOO!

The nation will rise again. Soon. because they are the JAPS!


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