Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stress and pressured

I am at home. 

Yesterday I brought back all the hantaran arrangements that my friend did for me. I was happy with the result. I love simplicity. I dont like over crowd, over the top arrangements that look bushy to me. BUT........

MOM DON'T LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter how hard I defended that I love simple arrangements and this is only for ENGAGEMENT, mom is so persistent that I have to ....mengalah. After all, this engagement isnt about me. it's about all of us. So, Leen, if you read this, I am sorry if there are many changes to your arrangement. I love your designs from the bottom of my heart. *Stress*

Mom said she feels pressured to go over the top because many of B's family even from Kuching will fly to attend the engagement ceremony. She feels uneasy if everything to be too simple. I relented in the end because I want to see her happy and satisfy.

You know after the merisik thingy last week, she decided to book a 'pelamin' much too my fear. Not an attention whore, I was speechless. Tried to argue and refuse to have any, finally I agreed because mom seemed upset. But few days later, she messaged me saying that my dad did not approve having a pelamin. yeeeeeeeeeehooooooooooooooooo!!!.

But...but .... because she cannot have pelamin, now she put her revenge on my hantaran. uwaaaaaaaaa.....

To ambun, just go with over the top arrangements k. I thing we have to satisfy all mothers' taste. Matila mun kenak reject nak. Ok gik mun mak aku reject, mun mak sepul, stress gik aku.hehe


DauS said...

erm..maybe mak nak ko rasa apa yg mak tak dapat rasa dulu u're the only daughther she has. mesti superb excited pnye :D

umar said...

ikut je apa mak mintak.she wants the best for her only daughter.i also disapprove the pelamin as it is redundant and pointless.but as being the best mom for us let her be.but abah has vetoed mak hhihihih

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