Sunday, March 27, 2011
After almost a week, finally I got the time to call my mum. It was after reading Steve's post that I remembered I have not spoken to her that long. When I got to hear her voice, I apologised for not calling for some times. Mak answered 'Tau takpe'. Sentap aku. Mesti mak kecik ati. T__T....

We talked for a while about the preparation. She is going back to Kedah on Tuesday and will be coming back on Thursday. Therefore, she is quite worried with unsettled things. She told me that she tried to change the curtain in my room. Her attempt failed because she is having problem to lift her arm upright. Alu touching aku......Kesian mak..

If possible, I want to go back this second. But I have responsibilities towards my course mates regarding assignments and drama practices, so have to hold the thought. I might go back on wee hours of Friday, after fetching my brother from the airport. I can foresee that on Friday am gonna be so busy.Pick up bahulu, secret recipe cake and finalise my room. stress. oh...door gift for tahlil also is yet to be done.

I was a bit emotional today. but I am ok now. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

p/s janganla mendiva kan diri. the world wont stop spinning because of you. cheers~


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